July 29, 2019


by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 7/15/2019, 6:25:20 PM

By Ronald W. Clark Jr.

A lot of people have asked why my comment section is shut down over here at BTB. The reason is pseudonyms. If people were required to use their real identity, then I wouldn't have a problem with the comment section.

But I know for a fact that several years ago, the staff here were going over to my blog and hiding under these pseudonyms and leaving these negative comments, lying and manipulating the followers. Someone gave me this information. He no longer works here. But he knew one of the staff members who were doing it. It was at that point that I shut the comment section down.

I couldn't say anything at the time due to the fact that it might have exposed my source. And that I wasn't going to do it. So, unless BTB requires individuals to leave their true identity behind a comment, I'll keep the comment section shut off. In all honestly, it should be a law that you can't cower behind a pseudonym. We've seen trolls and bulls do this, pushing kids into suicide. If you recall several years ago, a grown woman pushed a 13-year-old girl into killing herself. See my point?

Pseudonyms should not be allowed because it allows cowards to hide and say things that they otherwise wouldn't say to someone else's face. Now you know. God bless you.

In peace and love,


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