Aug. 1, 2019

Cruel and Inhumane Treatment

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 7/16/2019 3:09:56 PM

By Ronald W. Clark Jr.
Our Medical Corporation, Centurion of Florida LLC, is denying me any type of pain management medications. I can't even get a simple Ibuprofen, to assist with inflammation. I'm sitting here with my entire right leg from my hip to my knee throbbing in pain. And this medical company's only response, "put in a sick call!" Yes so they can charge me $5 more, and do absolutely nothing!! I've turner in multiple sick calls, to no avail!
If you go do your research, you'll see this company has bribed its way into the prison's, by campaign donations. Oh they don't discriminate! Noooo they fund both Democrats and Republicans. Google it, you'll find it in an article dealing with Centurion and the Arizona Department of Corrections. They know exactly what their doing! But that money, instead of being sunk into politics for political favors, should be going to treat us inmates. Inmates who are suffering at the hands of these low life unethical money hungry slim balls! Yes I'm mad! I'm pissed off, because I'm sitting here hurting so bad! And I can't do anything but suffer at the hands of these low life thieves! And that's what they are. Cause their stealing tax dollars, that should be going for the treatment of us inmates who are instead suffering under their care! And suffering we are!! I've got torn meniscus in my right knee, something's torn in my left knee, and from the report I got on my right hip, from an outside source, this convex cortical bump laterally at the junction of femoral head and neck, is tearing the car ledge up,in my hip and causing this sever pain. The recommended treatment is an MRI and surgery. This has been an on going problem that's progressed since 2014. And with this Doctor Errol A. Campbell, Physician Advisory of Centurion of Florida LLC, discontinuing my medication, (Celebrex), as a cost saving profiteering measure ,without ever even seeing me. He has me suffering in tremendous pain, while he assist this company in earning money at the expense of mine and other inmates health. We can't get a simple Ibuprofen or Tylenol, because of their financial concerns!
Welcome to my world! A world where everything has to be a fight and a battle. They try to wear you down, to where you'll just give up. I've seen this technique used and experienced it a few times.
This company has me considering a hunger strike, for which I'm entitled to conduct under Article one section 23 of the Florida constitution, see Singletary vs Constello, 665 So. 2d 1099 (Fla.App1996). I hate to do it, it'll be a last resort, but if I'm going to suffer, in this manner, hurting constantly, then I might as well bring as much attention as I can to the issues at hand. And there's a lot of men who are suffering at the hands of Centurion of Florida LLC. Suffering while Centurion rakes in tens of millions of dollars! What a world! What a system we exist in! The rich get richer and the poor suffer at the hands of the rich and powerful corporations, who have bought off our politicians. Sold us out, and for what? Political favors?
Regretfully submitted Ronald W. Clark Jr.


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