Aug. 9, 2019

Long Time No Be

From The Novelist Portent by Johnny E. Mahaffey (author's profile)


The Novelist Remembered
Johnny E. Mahaffey
July 24, 2019


It's been a while, and no posts—I know.

Things here have just not been good, as to be expected. And wished upon by so many malicious, smug, schadenfreude-little-shit-for-nothings. People wanting me dead or in pain.

But guess what? I am alive. I am healthy. I am here in this world still.

Currently at work on "Kakay's Shade of Gray", another novel that just came out of nowhere within my head. Has a feel to it that suggests it may very well end up being publishable. Who knows?

I am writing from the heart, broken or otherwise. Doing what I tell my students... finally.

I had a long hiccup in drive. My muse had inspired me in March and April beyond all belief. And then just... went away. I am trying to get back on track, but it's not easy.

My art took a hit too. But I have a few works in progress.

I lost touch with some of my family, and a few people I had put hope in turned away and went away. While others stepped up when I needed them. Not many are strong enough to have me in their life. While here. And I can't blame them. Who could?

I am seeing guys with my same sentence suddenly get reductions on time (or parole) after years (decades even) of not being eligible—yet there they are. Going out the door. So much change.

A lot more death too. I have seen some I know fall out and die, or get killed. A few were diagnosed with cancer. But me? I am still here—for now. Waiting.

I know that my life could be worse. I don't doubt that. Hell, I could be free and just as miserable. I know people who are.



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