Sept. 22, 2019

Lock 'em up!!!

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 09/7/2019 1:46:54 PM

By Ronald W. Clark Jr.

I see the prosecutors have recommended 30 days in jail for Felicity Huffman on that college bribery scheme. What will we benefit? The taxpayers have to pay for the incarceration. They get nothing out of it. No one is going to benefit from it. Other than some prosecutor being able to brag about putting another American behind there.

So, what do I suggest? Community service. Working in homeless shelters and soup kitchens. It benefits the taxpayers and the poor. It'll teach Huffman humility. And I'm sure she's embarrassed about this incident.

But incarceration is not the damn answer for everything! It's idiotic and downright stupid! Incarceration is needed for seriously violent offenders, child molesters, and people who are a danger to the public. Felicity Huffman is not a danger to the American public. She's a woman that made a stupid mistake thinking about bettering her daughter's life.

This is the reason why we have over incarceration here in the United States. And this mentality of "lock them up" needs to change.

Incarceration should only be for the worst of the worst, where it's to protect the public. But using it for punishment... that's not the answer. Yet it is the problem in America with mass incarceration. There are other ways to punish people: fines, probation, community service, etc. But we need to get our minds right! And understand this mass incarceration is not the answer! Let's get smart about this and call for change.

God bless you all.

Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974
September 7, 2019


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