Nov. 11, 2019

The Power Of Reading Between The Lines

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I sat up reading Plato's Symposium as you requested, and I agree that everyone has a twin soul they rarely remember. I also was able to find things within his book that also supports my own theory that you can be in love with someone and still mentally you belong to someone else. Next you'll read some passages from his book pages 176-185:

"Whether playing the flute as a great master or as a miserable flute player, you have a power which no other have that alone possess the soul and reveals the want of those who have needs. You produce this effect with your words only and do not require a musical flute, and that is the difference between you and him.

For he makes me confess that I ought not live as I do neglecting the wants of my own soul. Therefore, I hold my ears and try to tear myself away from him, and he is the only person whoever made me feel ashamed—which may not be my nature, and there is no one else who does the same. For I know that I cannot answer him or say that I ought not do as he bids. But when I leave his presence the love of popularity gets the better of me, and therefore I run away and fly from him, and when I see him, I am ashamed of what I have confessed to him.

When he is opened what temperance there is residing within. When I opened him and looked within at his serious purpose, I saw in him divine and golden images of such fascinating beauty that I was ready to do in a moment whatever he commanded. Now I fancied that he was seriously enamored of my beauty, and I thought that I should therefore have a grand opportunity of hearing him tell me what he knew.

You have indeed elevated aim, if what you say is true. And if there really is in me any power by which you may become better, truly you must see in me some rare beauty. Therefore if you mean to share with me and to exchange beauty, you will have greatly the advantage of me, and you will gain true beauty in return for appearances."

So, in response, I say what I took from this was that no matter if he does the right things for you as a man should, if he doesn't give you that affection you need, someone else will. Because even if his gestures may show his love, the words he say will forever be burnt inside your mind whenever you think of him. By him not doing so, you've begun to seek that knowledge from someone else who has gained entry into your heart because of this.

I say that if it seems as if you want to open up yet you feel it'll be a betrayal to him by doing so, ask yourself: if he seems too good to be true, is it a sign that maybe he can't give you everything you need? Truly, twin souls you've found. Yet the final question is—can you trust yourself around your equal?



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tenzintenzin Posted 4 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
Hey there Anthony. Part One of Two
Thursday, 14th November 3pm
Very dull and autumnal outside
I think as people, more here, in the Western Hemisphere. We got very hooked up on the word ‘love’. In fact there is an industry that makes millions from it, there’s even a special day and saint for it Valentine. So they pump us full of books TV film’s soft toys, foods, and so the mythology gets momentum. An expectation of how love will arrive, what it will look and feel like, how it is supposed to evolve, how we are supposed to behave under it’s ‘thrall’. And there’s a myriad of derivations to love. Parental love, maternal/paternal, child, homosexual, loving people who clearly abuse us, loving people because we fear isolation, loving someone just to fit into a social norm. And this ‘love’ is supposed to be all encompassing, like the love God showed you humanity when we killed his only son, a gift he had sent us for our betterment. Instead of punishment, he gave us eternal life. Romantic love is what we chase here in the west. We are pressured into relationships in case we miss out, or we find someone who complements us and we bravely offer up our hearts.
Travel to the Asian subcontinent it’s a different story. Your parents and relatives pick your spouse. Compatible acceptable to other family members, and that’s the person you spend your life with. You are both on the same page. No one is pressured. Arranged marriages number in the 54% across the world. There are occasions when the marriage is forced, but that is the extreme minority. Millions have successful arranged partnerships every year. If you are looking for a like minded partner, if you are any of the tree Abrahamic religions, then go get a matchmaker. Muslims especially, very okay about marrying prisoners, as long as the person is making work personally. A changed mind set is a very liberating thing. And I understand you have the strictures of your environment, but your mind, is, and will always be free. And believe me, if they could find a way of shutting that down they would.

tenzintenzin Posted 4 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
Part Two of Two
My interpretation of love, and gleaned from what I have read through the years, love is a term that has been inextricably linked to romantic endeavour, which obscures its real power. In that it has the power to absolutely heal and restore. And it’s opposite is not ‘hate’ it is ‘indifference’. When you hate someone you think about them a little too much, your mind goes dark and your real self has to divert to deal with this, well, cancer, in your psyche. Indifference is a terrible thing also. I read a lot on these blogs how prison staff hate hate their charges. If that’s so, then it’s a form of caring in action, at least you have their attention. If they were indifferent to you, you’d be in trouble. Indifference is cutting a man down from the bars after his suicide, and you continue eating your lunch. That’s pretty terrifying. Indifference manifests it’s self in these ways, cheating, betrayal, indiscretions, Indifference in action is setting two nuclear devices off in Japan, because you wanted to end a war, which was ending anyway the Japanese were starved out, and you wanted to test this new device, 200,000 dead, a million to die later through cancers and bomb injury. Indifference. War is an absence of love and care and recognition of a fellow human being. Thank God we aren’t alive for longer that eighty years, Those staff, many repute to despise, keep some people I have read about, that you wouldn’t want sitting on a bus near a loved one. I can’t be indifferent to even the worst killers, because they are the living embodiment of indifference, and gratefullly they have shown us who they are. It’s the silent ones you have to protect yourself from Mr Trump is indifferent. His wallet anaesthetised him to life and other humans. And now he makes decisions that change our lives.
Another problem love makes is its with loyalty and personal internal satisfaction demands. Like loving a drink, then drink quickly becomes an abusing lover. The love of drugs, porn, speeding cars, the demand for your attention, and much more of it, The love of brotherhood, being part of something like a gang, which brings all your defensiveness loyalty to the fore and you start doing what someone else tells you instead of making your own personal mistakes, you make them in a group of fifty other people.
My theory, which is widely shared is that we are not 50 billion individuals and trillions more animals, insects birds and marine creature, we are no individual, we are part of a whole which separated many years ago to experience itself in all its myriads of forms. We have been most things. As humans, you and me both are top of the incarnation table.
Well, went off on a but of a waffle there.
But think about love, not just romantic love.
All the best

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