Nov. 18, 2020

Life Lessons from the Birth of King Leo

From Real Talk Always by Anthony P. Heard Jr.



This book contains everything any individual who seeks an understanding of life lessons, regaining worth that has been stripped from them, and much more from poems & quotes. I hope to all who get a chance to read this you find something you can use in your life.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves down, and lost giving up hope with the belief that nothing will ever get better for us, however sometimes we stumble across a JEWEL that brings light into our darkness, and now the light shines again...
For me that JEWEL that brought the light back into my life was "RED" or as she is known by Na'Keshia, and for this part only she will know i'm talking to her in hope that she see how serious i am in getting to know her as a woman, and queen who I believe should tip her crown as well.
We talk as much as we can yet we're still limited in time, and words so much of what i would love to say never gets the chance to enter your ears. I can see the pain behind that beautiful smile, i can't for the life of me figure out what has caused you pain, yet i kinda have an idea. However i'll wait until i gain your trust, and a path into your heart before i try to get into what has cause you pain. HOWEVER I CAN SAY THIS: TO SEEK AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION YOU HAVE TO BE OPEN TO REMOVING YOUR DISCONNECTEDNESS SO THAT I CAN HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE YOUR BEAUTY THAT LIVES WITHIN YOU.
Who knows you may even find that we are more alike than you started off believing, and i may just bring that joy, light, worth, and love back into your life...



Wrote 11.2.2020

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Lights, Lights is all i see. No you, No me is this a dream or is this reality.
How can these lights blind me of everything i care for, my eyes are on fire like i've already enter hells door.
Burning off flesh after flesh as my face deteriorates into
skinless bones. My crys sounds like moans, as i wish to
just be back home.
I blink, and everything is back to the way it belongs. A
sigh of relief escapes my mouth that sounds like a moan.
Lost, confused as i let my thoughts roam, roam, roam.
Everything is dark, and i wish i could see more. Then a
picture forms of the boy i once was before.
Weak by many standards, not worthy of self, a fatherless
child with no value of self.
Fight after fight to prove my place on this earth.
Thinking this is the way to gain self worth.
Falsehood was easily accepted because I knew of nothing
else to search for, which made me feel, and look low.
Until i found inside of myself the ability to expand my
mind to form a knew understanding of self, and then came
the birth of KING LEO.

By King Leo

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Never assume the uninsurable, for alotta things you
see aren't real, and alotta things you hear aren't correct.
The people in your life that smile in your face, and play
the role of the friend who knows best for you, is really
the one who wants what you got, and will stop at nothing
to get it.
The power of "self awareness" is a must, but only
the few have the ability to use it, and apply it to their
daily life. The individual who lacks "self awareness" will
find that they are more likely to be "victimized", and
"used" through power control through out their life time.
Value self, and everything that goes along with
"thy self". When you learn to challenge who you are, and
push yourself to greater heights, you'll see that there is
more to you than your last thought, and that it's okay
to fight for you, because no one will fight harder for you,
than you.
How about we stand firm with ourselves, and educate
every part of our being, and then we can understand the
tucked away meaning of these words. "Love thy self" as
individuals we boost our knowledge about " thy brain ",
and what we allow in it, or around it. Then maybe we can
rule out this weakness inside.
A weak person will always follow a stronger person.
This behavior will allow the weak person to feel powerful
themselves. This type of person will only follow those who
sound stronger than everybody else. Because of their "false
beliefs " that following someone strong will some how make
them strong. (FALSE). See those individuals without a
" back bone " will put themselves in position to seem
powerful to survive any situation. So i express this to
STEP THEM." Never try to fit in with anyone, because you
were built to be leaders.


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Always remember the person you are, should be
reflected by the company you keep, and the actions of those
close to you. For a failure of this is a blast to your
Stand firm on what you believe the most. For your
opinions is of your belief. But beliefs aren't pure facts,
or truth. Only mere thoughts of what you want to believe
to be true. Your mind is a vesicle of many thoughts, and
feelings, as well as opinions. Which gives you the ability
to find out the "TRUTH". Your the only one who can decide
whats real, and whats fake. Whats true, and whats false.
Whats an opinion, and whats fact. The key to understanding
yourself is to understand your mind. For those who can't
understand themselve will never master the ability to
understand others. These type of individuals will never
lead a group of their peers, or master their own mind.
To truly understand yourself you must over come your
own fears, and emotions. In order to do this you must learn
the power of "YOUR MIND." To beable to control the mind,
and your emotions that come with, is a skill that very few
have, and will ever possess. Never allow anyone the power
to control you, or your emotions. When you come of age you
learn that emotions come, and go for many different reasons
but you also learn how to control the emotions to best suit
you. It seems like to me, that we choose to respond to our
emotions the way we do because we were built to release, and
react. To help you understand this you would have to under
stand the human body, and anatomy. For some people they
don't know how to express what they feel. They shut down
at any sight of emotional conflict. Because some aren't
built mentally to withstand mental, and some emotional war
Some situations in life take you down a bumpy road to see
if you can stay afloat. It'll either take you (sidetoside),


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straight. That's why i'm a firm believer that everything is
gone happen for a reason. You have to play the cards you're
dealt. A life situation is put in your path of growth to
see how strong you are. You can either let it define you,
or you can let it build you.
Growth isn't something that comes over night. You
have to set aside all your fears of being hurt, and
disappointed. You gotta give yourself a fighting chance at
Because the only person who can help you, is you.
Others can guide you in a direction, and give you some
options, but in the end it's up to you.
Never allow the next person to have power over you.
You are who you are, be proud of that. If someone has a
problem with the way you look, then maybe inside that
person they don't like the way they look. People who go
out their way to pick on someone else is a lost confuse
individual who doesn't understand how to get over their
own insecurities. To "LOVE YOURSELF is the best form of
medicine for anyone who feels insecure about themselves.
Through out your life you will meet people who will
turn your understanding about people into a life lesson.
The one you seem to be at odds with the most, can turn out
to be your best friend. While the friend that's always in
your face, agreeing with everything you say, and do is
gone be the one who stabs you in the back. BUT REMEMBER
Your brain works in a way that allow's you to think
before you act. But when you are angry that seems not to
work for you, and you lessen the process of thinking, and
quickens the process of reacting. The vast majority of
people don't understand how to stop themselves in the
process of a situation, and for that they just act out
how they feel at the moment. This process as a whole is a
dangerous one, because it can cause you to lose your life,


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and in the process take someone elses life, all because
you couldn't control your anger. These white people ain't
gone care because you sorry, they still gone lock your
black ass up.
To strengthen your mind you need to strengthen the
knowledge you intake. To over come the lack of control,
and power you seem not to have, you must now build yourself
up to a point where you can control your actions, to be
able to control your reactions. Now doing this ain't gone
be no walk threw the park, it's gone take time, patients,
practice, and your willingness to build yourself to a
point in your life where you don't let anger control your
Think of it like this.: YOU HAVE GREAT LEADERS OF
treat this like a addiction. It's a life long process that
you gotta face (HEAD ON). No one can do this for you, only
you, and it won't be easy. But if you care about your
growth you will fight to strengthen your mind, and your
character for the better.
Once your thought process turn's foolish, your mind
follows along. If you DEMISE the thoughts you no longer
want, you can REBIRTH the thoughts that were pushed aside.
So start today what you can start tomorrow. Why wait
for anything, or anyone to live your life. For tomorrow
may never come to some of us, and for a lot of us its going
to be too late trying to change old ways. Some take a
life time to learn what some learn in a day.
I'm to tired to continue those games, of the back, and forth
bull-shit that's going on between those in my life. Why
can't there just be love, and loyalty amongst those i care
for? We only have one family, and one life. So lets be
the family who earn together, and builds together. Instead
of the family who hates, and fights each other.


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Force to be shielded with these thoughts. Noone seems to listen to my
cry for help. Everyone wants me to be the person i was before. But he
seem to be caged, and lock into a coma lost to himself. My outter body
is being control by the demon i locked away in the darkness i once had
to live in.
Nothing to control my mind anymore, its free to rome wild, and revisit
those push away fears, regrets, and guild. Flooding my mind which makes
me feel as if i was drowning. Force to fight my way from underneath,
i'm no longer able to escape.
Blood fills my eyes as i picture my youth in Chicago with people
dying on a daily all around me. As i thinking of all the people i've lost
in a month.
How much can one person lose before he is force to relive, and release
the caged beast in which he has denounce for many years.
Afraid of nothing but myself, because I know when i'm lost, i'm no
longer of this world. Instead i'm trap in a alter-verse where there is
no pain, no death, no guilt, and no sin. So i ask this question to
Big Heard who wins in the end?

By: Kind Leo

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Trap in fear of being judge by everyone around has cause for you to
give up on your quest to seek inner, and outter growth which you want most,
and this fear has push your further beak from the growth you did gain. Such
fear has cause great individuals to stop far away from what they set out to
achieve. "FEAR IS OUR GREATEST THREAT TO MANKIND", and this is one of the
most dangerous thought processes that drive the youth of today to change
their bodies to fit in with the "SO-CALL" norm of today, and in return for
this change they get what "SO-CALL" friends who has bullied their way inside
your life without having to change anything themselves to fit in with you,
and personally these are the type of individuals who should never be allowed
to embrace your surrounding. If you have to change your outter self to fit
in with any group of individuals, and in return they don't have to change
nothing about themselves to fit in with you, then this isn't the type of
people you should want to be around. Truthfully in any partnership each
individual changes something about themselves that strengthens the
partnership for everyone, and thats a group you should seek out because
fact is no one is made perfectly for anyone, we all have things that we
need to work on or even change.

Now there is a point in life where you can change for the moment to
obtain that social group of peers that maybe good for your future, and
family. However you must remember that this form of change isn't physical
but a mental change. So it's like this, some people are what us in the
hood call "STREET SMART, and BOOK SMART" this allow those "STREET LEGENDS"
to fit WITHIN the "SO-CALL" "HIGH SOCIETY" individuals who help advance
their "STREET BUSINESS" into a "CORPORATE BUSINESS". Now remember this, those
hood figures never renounce their streets or way of teaching yet instead
added a new way of thinking to their minds allowing them the ability to
blend in with both sides of the world. Learning this help these individuals
who only knew one way of life get the knowledge of another way of life that
they could past onto their youth in hopes to strengthen the next generation
so that they can have other opportunities in life. So to change mentally for
the betterment of you is something i believe that every individual on this
earth should do, and by doing this both side will get the change to under
stand each other, and in return we learn as a whole how to live amongst each


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ANOTHER form of fear we face is the FEAR OF DISAPPOINTING, and for
so many today this has cause them to isolate themselves from others putting
them align in the back ground closing the door to others falling into a
form of depression that can turn deadly for some. Now to try an understand
why some individuals fall this far back you have to try too learn this
persons life, and up bringing. I do believe that some who have been told
their entire life that they are failures, and would never amount to any
thing in life are more incline to fall into this form of depression if
they fail at something because they never learnt how to pick themselves
up because they never had anyone to show them how. These type of people
are also easily influence causen them to become easy targets of peer
pressure, and mental abuse from other. because they never learnt that it's
okay to fail, they find themselves not able to face others because they
believe they have let everyone down who look on them to succeed.
For these type of individuals i say this FAILURE SHOWS YOU WHO YOU
NEVER FALL AGAIN THE SAME WAY. Once you believe in this you'll find that
it has given you a new sense of belief about "FEAR OF DISAPPOINTING" those
around you, and you'll see that everyone fails in life only to succeed
at other things in the future. BELIEF is in my opinion 90% of our life,
and that other 10% is us putting those belief to use. Remember that your
beliefs are. your, and no one can tell you what to believe or how to
believe. You'll soon see that your not disappointing anyone, and hopefully
this new sense of belief helps you move forward in life knowing that your
worth fighting for, and that you do in fact belong right where you are
with everyone else.
Now this will help you see that it's others who should try hard to be
around you because you actually know who you are, and most likely their
still trying to fit in, and figure themselves out. This is why so many
who bully, and put others down find that in the future they have no one
to depend on when their down, and that everyone will likely run, and
hide if they find you unable to bully them any more. This type of person


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only seems to have a large group of friends because all those around also
FEAR OF DISAPPOINTING others, and then you'll see that out of all those
who look down on you, your the only one who truly knows who they are.



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In order to change who you are, and those around you, you must first
"SELF REFLECT". This cause for you to really take a look into who you are,
and what you want to be. Doing this will help you maintain a stable found-
ation in life, and will guide you into choosing a circle that will mirror
your personality, and your person. Until you do this those around you will
resemble what you aren't, and in return you'll be judge for that, and that
For alot of people that grew up in the inner city's they find that
because they didn't have a father to teach them how to be their own person,
they fell to the mind games of the local "SHOT CALLERS" who used the fact
that these individuals didn't have "FATHER FIGURES" to lead them into the
gang life, and street life. This was the beginning of you loosing your
ability to think for yourself, and you became a slave to the "THUG PLANTATION"
we call the streets. So you began to resemble those who were around you, and
in return you were judge just the same as them in everyway possible. Now you
do as someone else please, never once being able to choose for yourself
because to "DISOBEY IS TO BETRAY" in your new control mind. This way of
thinking is how you became control by those who show you a "SENSE OF LOYALTY"
or what you were made to believe was what they call "LOYALTY".
When in fact you were being groom to be the fall guy for those who were
in charge of those streets. Due to their false loyalty shown to you, you were
subjected to prison, and for some death. Sadly to say for alot of us we took
being the fall guy as pride, and we love how loyal we were to our new family.
Yet what we thought was LOYALTY was just true stupidity, and falsehood. So
now we have a prison system full of slaves from the "THUG PLANTATIONS". In
my opinion they have been used in life, and in the COURT SYSTEM because
everyone knows that if the police can't get the big dogs they arrest, and
pressure those UNDERLINGS to risk there life to SNITCH on there old SLAVE
MASTERS. So now those who were finally taken away from their slave masters
are now force back into that life in the THUG PLANTATION, and them who were
weak, and chose to do so is now slave to the LAW ENFORCEMENT PLANTATION. So
those victims are again used for someone elses gain, and beliefs that they
didn't get to choose for themselves. The only try way to end this is SELF
Now this SELF REFLECTION must start with you learning your worth as a
human being, and to do this you must first believe that your worth fighting


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for within. You have to learn that you indeed have the power to chose your
next steps in life, and if you don't want to do something you don't have to.
This will help you see that what those SHOT CALLERS in those THUG PLANTATIONS
you just survived said about you not having choices was false. You have to
be able to look in the mirror, and accept that good & bad ["That" inserted in handwriting] comes with who
you are, and you can change to become a better version of yourself. The key
word in this change is SELF this has to be something you want to do for
you, and not for anyone else to please them. You have to be willing to endure
the long wait because when rebuilding something that has been broken the
new details, and additions can take time to fit this new person. In SELF
REFLECTING you have to believe that going through struggles only allow you
to see how strong you are, and this will help you see that a scar is some
thing given not accepted. Understand that when you've been through the worst
the only thing left is growth, and moving up in life.

This is why those who come to prison for a long term seem to be able to find within that hidden knowledge that has been stored unable to be used because they had no voice. This form of SELF REFLECTION is indeed force upon these individuals, however it was their choice to accept the change, and allow the change to take place. They’ve come to believe in themselves first to allow them to SELF REFLECT on everything that has happen in their life. You have to understand that when you SELF REFLECT there is a few different stages you’ll go through, and within those stages you’ll be force to re-live all those years force into the SLAVE PLANTATIONS called streets. In re-living this you’ll find that it’ll be hard to accept the things you’ve done in your weakness, however it’s that weakness that has made you strong. Accept your past as well as the guilt, and shame you’ve endured going through your SELF REFLECTION. Remember that everything you learn will guide you into your new life, and help you to guide others from those type of situations, and PLANTATIONS that are learning new ways to kidnap the weak to do their darkness. You are worthy, and in believing this you’ve become the new form of UNDER GROUND RAIL ROAD to free those stuck in THUG PLANTATIONS.



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Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post.

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Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post.

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