Dec. 10, 2019

Personal Journal, 11/13 to 11/24/2019

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)



I've been up most of the night hurting in one place or another. The clock was at 3:15 the last time I looked at it before I fell out. Woke up at 5; it takes me a half hour to get dress, brush my teeth, wash up, roll up my bed, and make a cup of coffee. Now that sounds fast for me- I am always in a slow mo mood :) I'm still feeling pain but I'm more able to deal with it when I'm up moving around. My right hand still hurts but its my left hand that won't close- my whole left side acting up real bad my knee, my elbow, my shoulder. My celly Richy said I should stop writing so much it can't be good for my hand so I took a few days off- didn't help any and I was going nuts not putting down my thoughts here, writing a letter, writing some poetry or a love note. My writing is the closer I get to being free within my world.
Time for chow.


Everyone here has some kind of flu. My nose is running so much I can't keep up with it. I'm sneezing, coughing, got a head ache, and breathing is hard and my chest hurts, my throat hurts, going hot and cold. Ricky my celly can't even roll over. Everyone got it, thanks for sharing, I've had it since the middle of last week- no one want to even get up and go to mess. I will I might miss something if I don't. I have to pick up my meds and get my breathing treatment and I might as well get a couple of hours of yard all the old timers will be there to damn tuff to be beat by a little cold or flu :) I was feeling better when I woke up dry but a couple of bottles of water and some coffee later I'm sneezing and my nose is leaking like a water faucet- you know what the bad part is? We started with a few extra roll of t.p and now we're out begging in a place were everyones out. We do get our issue today.


They said this thing was only lasting 4 or 5 days-I got some news for them, my nose is still running :) I'm coughing and sneezing and I could hardly catch my breath when I woke up. But today is another day, it was hot yesterday- the weather person said it's cooling down into the 60's today- dress warm I can always take it off if it warm up. Damn headache won't go away this morning- not good for someone who has trouble with his thinking process to begin with. Got another Christmas card almost done in the afternoon- sneezing subsided but lucky my nose didn't drip on it :) I think I forgot to say happy b-day to Aunt Alice and Tim both this month.


Today is Thursday I think :), we've been down for a couple of days- I cam get lost easy on downtime daydreaming and procrastinating, I get little done :), and then I've had this bug for the last week. It seem to be better this morning. My nose ain't running and I'm not sneezing, my throats still a little raw :) Someone said we were programming today :) We weren't on a lockdown. The guards were on some kind of training :) What kind of training do you need to put your feet upon the desk, lean back in your chair and take a nap- hell I think I can do that with no training. That being said I never been to a prison with half the program we have here and I've been to a few.


We got off lock down Friday- not really a lockdown modified program- they have work and school ducats, medical, even canteen but no dayroom or yard, or shower during the day other then that anyway what was I going on about- I got to go out yesterday walked around the track a couple of hours and hung around the dayroom. Don't know why I'm complaining more program here then anywhere I've ever been.


It's sunday morning- cold this morning- just put my pants on over my sweats and my house socks (the thick ones) or over my regular socks- put my tennis on over the socks I hardly ever wear them since I started getting to the De. Comforts- they are comforts. My instep feels as if I stepped on something yesterday. It only hurts when I step on it so much with shoes on. I'm not sure if I'm going to walk today- might just fine a spot to light. Not much happening here- thanksgiving this week not even sure they're going to have a holiday meal. Happy Thanksgiving :) Late. I'm going to close for now. Over all I'm doing good just complain because there's so very little to say right now. Foods bad.


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