April 2, 2020

In This Moment

From Write or Die by Byron Wilson (author's profile)


In this moment.
In this moment, life is at a standstill. The universe passes ignorant of this searing coursing through the essence of existence; fighting with infinite might; forcing the supplication of my being. How is conscience aware of the anguish of eons erupting from gushers of the heart! Old faithful yielding the blistering cascades of sorrows; longings. Wraiths of love one discovered, wandering aimlessly, unable to achieve affainment.

In this moment, spirit stands guard, silent sentinel over-looking the precipice of expectation. This yearning gap stretching endlessly; its haunting whispers of enticement beckoning for willingness embrace.

In this moment, this soul sways on the dance floor of intimate; waiting in loneliness for the unity of passions desire, long abandoned. These magnificent melodies drowned; beats muffled and released. Rhythmic harmony caressing with anxious fingers the helplessness of avarice unwarned; Bringing echoes of lost bliss and solidification.

In this moment, promises of inclusion lay barren; neglected [?] overflowing with magnitudes of unfazed potential; reverberating on frequencies only the [?] fathom wretchedness eager to reveal this stifling of the fruits of desire; leaving empty husks, shells of blithe to wither underneath intensity's scorchings.

In this moment, incalculable questions pray fervently with unsurpassed dedication for answers; raining from the heavens, knowing none shall receive redemption. Those bonds of resistance became frayed as rationales of uncertainty are exposed. The cohesiveness of feeble reality is purged within the harshness of unabating truth.



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