May 10, 2020

The Raging War In Our Country

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


The Raging War in our Country (Cov-19)

How did we get here because of lack of proper decision making by Donald Trump and our government. In ere before Covid-19 hit the United State our government was warned. So how is it China fault because they had a outbreak first. Theirs notime for blaming games. If I was the president I would have closed my borders ASAP. I would have monitor closing other area (mainly people who had been in close contact with everyone that had contact with other countries. The second one happened. But borders was not closed immediately. That’s where the problem came in. People, our President and congress has failed over and over in the area of guidance. We don’t take heed or their is always bad panning involve. I am tired of that the voters should be tired of that. I am reminded of proverbs 24:6 for waging war you need guidance and for victory many advisers proverbs 11:14 For lack of guidance a nation falls but many advisers make victory sure. As leaders we can consult many advisers but are they right one with correct advise. For me, I am tired of the inner circle trump has. The same race. What about the diversity and gender (white men all the time). Ben Carson their but how often do you see him? If I was the president. Immediately I would have met with all the past president, medical experts etc. with roomfull of people who has dealt with crisis in our country in the past Obama, Bush’s, Clinton, and Jimmy Carter. With all our past president’s and vice president and Trump has vice president. I believe situation would have been better cov-19. Sometimes we have to get out of ourselves. Cause it’s most about us at the end of the day it’s about the people in your nation or country that you have ruler over. I feel that a good leader needs and uses wise advisers. One person perspective and understanding is severely limited he or she may not have all the facts or may be blinded by bias, emotions or wrong impressions. To be a wise leader at home, at church or work seek the counsel of others and be open to their advice. In any major decision we make concerning college, marriage, career, children or leadership etc. it is not a sign of weakness to ask for advice. Instead, it is foolish not to ask for it. Find good advisers before making any big decision. They can help you expand your alternatives and evaluate your choices. As leaders why are we lashing out because people are criticizing you. Is it your pride they hurting? Proverbs 12:1 whoever loves discipline loves knowledge but he who hates correction is stupid. If you don’t want to learn, years of schooling will teach you very little. But if you want to be taught, there is no end to what you can learn from the wisdom of others. A person who refuses constructive criticism has a problem with pride. Such a person so unlikely to learn very much. We forget when we step in leadership position people lives are in your hand just the same as a doctor, physician, or nurse. People should how you accountable on what you doing, saying and not doing. No leader should think they can do what they want because they are a leader. Just like the citizens are held responsible for their action. So is a leadership. Let’s just depoliticize covid-19 from political arena. Right or not. Almost 100,000 american has lost their lives to this disease. Honestly how do our leaders feel in the government? Such as Donald Trump telling them to inject themselves with lysol. For me it brought tears to my eyes because we have people that are stress out because they lost their loves and rest of us don’t know what the moment holds. My granddad was submit to a nursing home just two months ago and aunt Clara has been in the nursing home for four years. I myself has real bad asthma. Even though cov-19 has not hit where they are or where I am at. I don’t know what the moment will bring. All I can do is just pray and do what I suppose to stay afloat from cov-19. Some people are so distress they want to end it all suicidal. Look at the Dr. who end all. That broke my heart. For our president to say something like that shows our president do not care about us for real. Everyday is a struggling seeling people crying out because they lost their love one or about to loose their love one. Even our animals and children are being affected by cov-19 that is sad for anyone. An ere-long we going to be depopulated tremendously if we can’t efadicate the problem with cov-19. I understand we need a vaccine. But why is that we can’t come up with some antibiotic that can counterattack the infection and virus. Just as the medicine. Remember aids was killing off american fast but the scientist came up with some medicine that help their immune system etc. It’s like we are trying to dive in a ocean only to drown. We are drowning. While every scientist about to knock each over trying to find a vaccine. We need something now. Because our humanity is being wiped out every second by cov-19 deaht. This not was so suppose to happen in our country nor any other nation. I feel strongly that everyone in every nation and country should be tested for cov-19. Many people has it in them body and don’t know it. You will always have a oversight of a large sum who has it. They can quarantine if their not sick enough to go to the ER. Until it pass over. Cause we got to get a handle on this cov-19 so we can get our economy up and back running properly. We need those test kits ASAP. People who are creating them needs to work together to get the job done. If you have to pring other private sections in like Johnson, and Johnson Co, we need swabs and kits ASAP. Working in teams you can move a mountain. Have you ever heard teamwork makes dreamworks. This has gotten to the point it’s affecting our food chain. We had friends of the family that owned cattle, pigs etc. When those pigs get a certain size they are ready to be butchered and processed. I am amazed because I thought our country was ready for crisis because of past crisis. So I alway thought we had a food and medicine stockpile. Yes it’s 3 million of people. I just thought we had abundance of supplies etc. For myself when I was leader I always made sure we had abundance what we need and to fall back on. To me that is just common sense. Reopening of business. I feel that it’s ok. Because it’s give you a opportunity practice the common sense. Stuff washing hands, covering your face and social distancing. Cause Isolation is not good it causes depression and can lead to sudden death. People get frustrated when they isolated in one place for so long it begins to mess with them mentally and sometime physically. To get out in do something you love doing is more healthier. Their can be harm in both that protecting yourself form cov-`9 by doing what you suppose to do and isolation. I often tell people I have chronic asthma I do what my doctor tells me to do. But I keep my areas clean, exercise etc. So i don’t trigger my asthma to often. It’s all in the way you handle yourself in situations. But our countries and nations get to get back to business, schools, etc. with caution. I am pretty sure the children are being affected by the isolation from their friends. We was created to be social beings. We have let cov-19 bring fear and effectuate into our lives. But what about the cov-19 working in the jails and prison system like crazy. Why is that? Because live closely together or interact. Now people are scared the love ones going to die behind the wall. The problem is defining criminal and defining a sentence change. What are they? Criminal- one that has committed or been legally convicted of a crime sentence. This is why these jail and prison packed like that. Mere presence don’t make you guilt and no party law should not make you guilty. Their is alot of people who deserve out of prison that been a long time on a poor judgement call by the DA and judge. But everytime a crisis happen the only ones they want let go is the non-violent who comes right bakc to jail and prison within a month or less for some of them. I just don’t understand. People need to be freed out of these jails and prison ASAP. home to their families.

Written by
Jennifer Johnson


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eefaith Posted 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 months, 4 weeks ago   Favorite
Hi Jennifer, I worked on the transcription for your post. I agree that Trump hasn't been taking advice from a diverse enough range of advisors and hasn't been responding to constructive criticism well. I was also extremely saddened learning about the doctor who died by suicide after working on the front lines. I'm hoping we can work together globally to find a vaccine and keep everyone as safe as possible. This is a global pandemic and I think the solution lies in global cooperation. I hope you're staying safe and that your asthma hasn't been acting up! Thanks for writing!

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