July 3, 2020

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by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)
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To Fergusona810

Heya AF, thanks for the thoughtful comment. What you said got me thinking about my views on the rights and responsibilities in this situation. I'm almost certain I believe in a right to make oneself sick (or rather, to risk getting sick)...but then again, it doesn't take much to throw even that into doubt. I mean, how about the suicidal bridge jumper...do I just move along and mind my own business? Do I try to persuade but never physically interfere (and isn't talking a sort of physical interference itself? To manipulate a mind is to affect a brain, right? And brains are physical parts of bodies?), or might I take an opportunity to jump in and forcefully prevent the action? Would that make me a hero or an interloper, or neither? Suicide isn't sickness, but I think the analogy still has value. And with an infectious disease, illness is never really just a personal issue, is it? So, to your point, ppl don't have the right to disregard and make others sick...but don't we have to dig at least a little deeper than that, if we're honest? Isn't there a legitimate fundamental question as to whether a non-mask-wearer actually poses any real risk to anyone? You may think that question is already reasonably resolved - I might too - but I'm sure others feel differently, and do either of us, or anyone else, have real information and facts to justify our disregard for those people's beliefs, and necessarily also, their rights or freedoms?

Like everything, I find it a little complicated. And in general, I've really started wondering whether we are acting wisely or rationally in response to fear of this virus. It seems unlikely that unless and until a lasting vaccine comes along, there's any real hope for arriving at any final destination other than what might occur with no significant social impositions by governments...a certain percentage of every population will be infected, a certain percentage will die, and the only big difference when you try to look out toward the horizon seems to be in how long the process will take to play out. That sounds (and feels) cold, and I've resisted adopting that view all along...I still resist it. But...what if it's right? Well, probably we will et out magic vaccine in time to justify all the extreme precautions and restrictions, at least death-wise, but...will the damage to our collective worldview and values be adequately factored in? THIS may not be our "new normal" (and it isn't), but something will be. Will it be tragic?

- Dymitri


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Grace Posted 1 month, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month ago   Favorite
Hi Dymitri,

I just finished the transcription for your post, thank you so much for writing! I found your work hugely interesting to read, and so much of what you say truly resonates with me.I feel that, regarding your views society's general response to coronavirus, you make a very good and true point. In some respects, it has to me seemed quite extreme and not entirely logical. I have always struggled with my views on the way people panicked so much so early on, and now can't get my head around how people are starting to act as if everything is back to normal, when it is not.

I agree, of course, that it is the case that a certain number of people will be infected, and that the same goes for how many will die. But, I do still believe it is in our power to determine what this certain number is. It is not out of our hands, but literally in them. If we are able to stick to restrictions and constraints on our daily lives (which I think are being lifted too soon), and if we are able to find a vaccine, the difference this will make to the impact of coronavirus will be huge. I believe that there is still hope that eventually we will take control of this virus, as it has done over us.

I completely agree with you that we have no idea what our "new normal" will be. This is what scares me the most. Even if we are able to find a vaccine for this virus (which is by no means a certainty), I worry that there will remain a greater fear of the next pandemic, and that there may be long lasting effects on how we live our daily lives. Of course, only time will tell.

Thank you again, and I look forward to reading what you write next.


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