July 28, 2020

Blog of the Day: July 11th, 2020

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date: 7/13/2020 4:59:35 AM

BLOG OF THE DAY. Saturday, July. 11th, 2020



Construct. Deconstructing, The ascriptive

of the Wanna-be Machiavellians

Tagline: "Knowing the 'Proper'. Tools to decipher DOUBLESPEAK. ".

{caveat: Doublespeak - is the opposite of straight forward language. It tries to miscommunicate, dis\ defuse and trick the listener of audience. It tries to conceal the truth and to confused with disinformation. Or use Red herring & Ad Hominems. The word is related etymologically to "News speak"/ a neologism/term coined by George Orwell in his popular novel "1984". Which was his chilling description of the cosmology (world: engineered by those in and of power) he had written about or, possibly anticipated would one day become the reality of our nonce. NEWS SPEAK was used to shift the meaning for words & concepts in order to confuse the citizenry.

Preamble: " Do you look at things according to the outward appearance ??? ((2nd Corinthians CH. 10: Ver. 7. ))

""Know wonder! For Satan himself TRANSFORMS himself in to an Angel of Light "". ((2 Corinth. CH. 11: V.14)

1.) This discourse aims to expose the verisimilitude as Curia within Videre Discapere. And to educate those who seek knosis, wisdom and striving to have understanding, so that one can better themselves and grow.

2.) The universal principles mentioned above should mean, that a student of our cosmology can learn from any other body of knowledge anywhere and among anybody. and the Crucible of that learning can only be certified proofed when the student Now the teacher take that universal knowledge and applicable use it to advance the Videre.

3.) With that frame of reference in mind and laid out in para. (2) above, let's proceed to DECONSTRUCT the ascriptive constructions of the verisimilitude wannabe uria Machiavellians among us. And they know who they are, and you should know who they are. If you don't, well that's what this track aim to achieve. so let's lay out the primer of what is an""ascriptive Construct"".

4.) Those of us who studied the dialectics of the commonsense approaches of life. And those who have studied with me and Learned the Dav-Hoov polemics & forensic dialectics; should know that the philosophical science of logic has its useful tools for one to arrive at the trust of a matter. That the concept of "construction and deconstruction, in the description of the elect.

5.) For the Tyro's among us, an 'ascriptive construct or construction' is something that is connected or not. Depending on the constructor's intent. For example, Let it be that, 'cubic zirconia tell lenney & squeegy an ascriptive construction such as: "" I'm of the Curia and by negation of that fact, only the Pontiff. Or other Curia do I answer. """

6.) To understanding this we must 'deconstruct' this according to the applicable philosophy, textually related to the language being used. As the first required approach.

7.) One of the teachers that I disciple, showed & taught us about ascriptive constructs by using the following formula. ' that the principal presence of "x" in the "Y" does no establish that "X" is equal to " Y " and that "X" is an attribute of Curia.


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