Aug. 21, 2020

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From Prison Dad by Robert Pezzeca (author's profile)
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(July 8, 2020)


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Dear GN22,

I want to thank you for your response/comment on my blog. As for my child, she is having a tough life so she is taking it out on me. I understand though and though I wish we had a better bond, I will love my little girl no matter what she says or does. She was almost successful at pushing me away but I looked in the mirror and remembered my parents never gave up on me when I made all of my mistakes in life so I won't give up on my own child. When I was her age, 22, I was already in prison sentenced to die in here so she is definitely doing better than me. But she is my child and I want so much for her to have a good life.

Nothing I say or do can ever take away the fact that I took someone's life but isn't this America? Do we not believe in 2nd chances? Forgiveness? A chance to earn those? So many people want to condemn me and others for our crimes. Do I hate God for killing my parents? My mom was just 60, dad 61 and now they are dead, killed by cancer like millions of others. I lost not just my mom & dad, but also my best friends in life. Why is it that in this country we are so focused on hate, so focused on vengeance. I took a life, I admitted it. I am so remorseful and sorry for it. The ripple effect of that night has destroyed so many lives. I did not want any of this to happen. But Maggie is so hung on hate. There was a time she was once nice to me on this site now she is back to hate. The reason of the crime, what happened, it's all 22 years ago this month. Why are we not focusing on healing, rehabilitation, fixing what can be fixed? It seems like people are just so fixed on hate that they can't see past anything else. I have spent so many years trying to do good, what's right, helping people that they showed me a better way. I am not a crime, I have evolved, I have grown, I am so much more. I am a 43 year old man who has changed so I thank you GN22 for giving me a chance. If you ever want to open up a dialogue, please feel free to email me at:

Take care and thank you.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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