Sept. 15, 2020

The Joe Biden Default Win

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date 9/9/2020 1:57:32 AM
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BLOG OF THE DAY. September , 7th, 2020. 10:24 am

(insert middle indent) UHURU'S PEN (circled C)\(circled R)

(insert middle indent) THE JOE BIDEN DEFAULT WIN

Proposition 4-Review ". Collective insanity. or WHAT ...???"

tagline: is Joe a Janus face ?

Let the facts speak.

Some context: THE PRIME JANUS . comes by way of the Latine language
In Rome. Symbolize principal of ' The Door '. Meaning opportunity and
The future , the unknown. The Ending & Beginnings. or the reverse.
The month of January is derived from Janus. The word janitor & Janitorial,
are also derivates of Janus, and they actually mean: ' the doorkeeper ':
The Janus icon is the coin or statue with the two same faces going in --
Opposite directions.

1) Which contextually, this is what the President is , the doorkeeper to the power of the people,
the janitor to fix and clean up the backwash.

2) Masonic literature has many more symbols & skulduggery concepts
that would be relative , however the premise here is more on the ----
psychology of Black Folk , who continue , have done since the reconstruction of black slavery .

3) Joe Biden Janus face to Black people has been shown many times b4
so the issue is why do people think we should provide him the default
Vote because he's the lesser of the oppressors !

4) A few evidentiary facts should be supplied here for context, those who
Deem it necessary to bring the entire corpus , want to be relieved of their
Own civic responsibility of knowing who they are Voting for.

5) the Leviathan that currently exist was ,fed by Biden, nourished by the laws he created, now
he wants black folk and all the beautiful people currently out In the street demanding real
justice and a end to the racial domination.
This country has perfected. -- believe that he is down with the cause /
Movement, particularly the Black Lives matter (BLM).

6)Janus Jow did nothing when he was VP to stop the pogrom of Black
Women/ men killed by cops. In fact, and History will have to back me up
in the future , He advised the weak Obama to stay away from the same
Issues he now demagogue on to win against the ' Clown in Chief'.
Janus Joe is the one that Obama cave and buffoonery now known
to the world as the, WHITE HOUSE BEERGATE APOLOGY , in which Obama dranked beer
with a cop who treated Harvard professor Henry gate's like a thug and intruder in his own home.
This beergate was symbolic of the white police showing that , once again , "no matter how
much you niggers think you have power or positions of power/ influence.
You have nothing ", the President of united states cowing down to bigot cops.

7) Ask you're self how many pigs in uniforms killed black people when Janus Joe and Obama
was in office. The Leviathan that Janus Joe now elect and nominate him self to defeat , is one
he not only nourish at one
point as a sponsor of the crack laws s, and aint-death penalty legislation
he help pass . he fed it as a get tough on crime legislature. Prison litigation reform act, the.
Federal penalty enhancers he help pass.

8) His current postures demonstrate the same Janus characteristics.
The resent statements about the uprisings and protests, the VP choice of
Kalama Harris, who too has the same Janus face when it come to the fake law / criminal /
justice system in the united states.

9) The damage both have done in terms the laws and the system, is irreparable, their promises
to undo what they did or help do , or supported,
Let others do ; has destroyed families and htose families can not be heated by empty promises.

10)Biden don't this election by riding the sideline letting the momentum of the clown in Chief
to offend everyone, winning the vote
By default , because there is no one else to vote 4.

11) If Janus Joe was such a friend of the African-American community
as he try to portray , he would have made all the Black moves Obama
wanted to do ,but was scared to make out fear the Republicans would label him the president
for blacks only. Biden could have spoken out and attended , networked and made major moves
as Obama stead. and
allowed Obama to help his people.

12) One must question , why the prison reforms now done by the clown in chief was not done in
the Obama/Biden administration. ???
Yes, we know the Republicans did not want Obama to accomplish much .
But that's only 65% of it. The Republicans could not ,did not stop Obama/ Biden from
pardoning the same people Kim Kardashian was able
to perfect with the Clown 'in ' Chief.

13) What I find to be disturbing is how people in general , and particularly,
Black people , do not call Biden out on the hypocrisy and the Janus claims
that he has done this and that for Black folk.

14) politicians in this country don't respect the Black voting Block. This is
Why they continue to lie to the black folk and never follow through with
Promises , and make the symbolic gestures , such as picking kalama
Harris as the VP to both pull the black woman vote.

15) while it is a significant milestone to have a Black woman as VP , we
Need more then just that. Otherwise, this is a tokenism move and the exact shit we should
not be accepting.

16) The scientific working definition for insanity , according to the Einsteinian rule , is the
continuous repetitive behavior , expecting different
Results. By this standard of insanity , we gave surpass the cross line of
Expectations. If an individual did what we do as a collective whole .
We would call them insane. If a battered wife continued to return to
The one who lie, steal ,cheat , beat, kill and imprisioned her , we would call Her brainwashed ,
or suffering Stockholm syndrome. While the way
Politician's do us as a people. , all the above be applicable.

We are still month away from the general election , but I don't see the vibe to get turned up
unless something else happended that will force
People to turn up again.
Time will speak better then me. Let's watch & see.

Until this Pen Weeps Again, Stay Safe and Stay Loved. 9/7/2020,8:46pm


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