Sept. 17, 2020

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by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)
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Dear drosaso2...

I want to write and also thank you for transcribing my post... this is amazing, I am a very curious man who wishes to know when you say a lot of people does this include Lgbtq also?

Oh I do have a lot of stories of my life... see I was raised in Houston on the SW side ou 10615 Atwell Drive it was the 60's a elementary school across the street, Cythinia Ann Parker it was wene all my 3 older siblings attended but in 1967-68 I began to show signs of dyslexia... It was then I was placed in another elem. school it was across town on Hazaard St. called Edgar Allen was creepy...but we all have a dark side right and I had skeletons too...

One nite after my Mem's Memy passed away in our house, my sister Ariel I traded bedrooms... a few years later I was awoke to Cold... it was cold out side but the spirit of my grandmother was lost... if your spirit is not were its supposed to go when you die... it wanders around in the living life... long story short, my dad had woken to the clicking of the thermostat he always had this thing... I'll explain later but I was woken I seen a aspiral, on sitting on the end of my bed, my dad walked in said "what the ---? He seen the mirror it was all fogged up there was a cool mist in the air... he flipped on the light... he immediately checked the windows which were still shut...he looked at me...he left my mom was still standing there her eyes glued to the spot her mom sat...but was gone...

It was decades later my dad and I talked about dad and mom are gone so is my grandparents but one day my grandpa told me that these experiences will come to me just like they did for him and my dad...

But let me say hello to my friends in Siellinan John P Fister and to my lovely lady in Australia... Lynette Brunato... I do want to have what we once had, yes I do love you Lyn... write me and tell me about what you been up too... you + melissaa... :)

And tell me how do you get buyers for the cats... how do you advertize siamese I'm a very interesting male as you do know there is free websites on the internet... like what about Craigslist... they still have it listed?

Surfing the net, like organizations? Companies? Publications? Even a directory can be found like Lgbtq right look up free Lgbtq organizations see what comes up... if you can print or just hand write it the addresses it be awesome :)

Do you know what Plagiarism is? I read a little about what the internet is even though I don't have a computer I still enjoy reading :)

We can't call oversea's but here is a solution maybe, do you have anyone in the United States besides me :) lol if you do ask if they can buy you a track phone... have them register it at or call 866-806-7804 see this way they can give you it... that's a idea right? I see in a prison legal neros ok they have companies we could get a phone # but you still have to have the phone registered here in the USA... see so write me give me your thought?

I love you Lyn... a big cool blanket of stars around you :) <3
Stay sweet + Beautiful in my <3 + dreams...
Stay safe...

Send me photos of you and your new place ok, til next time...
All my love and kisses... tell Melissa I love her... miss you both...

All my love...

I love you... <3 xoxo


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musicismymed Posted 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 6 months, 1 week ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. I apologize if I made some mistakes, I wish you the best of luck in getting in contact with Lyn :)

Guy S. Alexander Posted 5 months, 1 week ago.   Favorite
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