Jan. 31, 2021

Demographic Profile

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Demographic Profile

YouTube/SoundMindStreamer #1 playlist

As CDCR continues the path towards program
upgrades that ReFlect constructive etnic
awareness and studies, TheSoundMindStreamer
creates a new safe space for urban perspective
LGBTQIA+ incell televised Spiritual, Educational,
Entertainment, Historical and Wellness engagements.
As an exclusive DPR channel, this New Innovative
program is designed to set the tone for Inmates
that simply require a place to land. The Music
appreciation segments, titled Da'VENT, is primarily
an all instrumental Beats invironment of Free Type
Beats, the music of an entire Generation, provided
by Sound Designers from all around the world,
where Cultural Tradition and Urban Soundscapes
merge that create a new degree of Connective
Inspiration's for Writers, Rappers, Spoken Word Artist,
Singers', Painters, Dancers, specifically in those
Incarcerative Housing Units that register expanded
incell programing.
While recognizaing an upsurge in the hyper-feminization
of queerness, and representations in media, We
Counter to Strike a ballance to also include
representations and service for our "Massive Closeted
Community", and Transmen that both exist on
a more proud Masculine Side of the queer
continumn in the incarcerative experience.

DPR's televised programming broadcasting of The
SoundMindStreamer Statewide also means that
OUR "Massive Closeted Community" that primarily
are not Housed in Non-Designated Facilities, but
in Housing Units where fellow Inmates require a
nonpresence of queer inmates, have direct access
by way of in cell personal televisions specifically
during times when their cellmates are out to
Jobs, School, Training Programs, The Yard, Visits,
and other out-of-cell activities, as SMS plays
on a 24 hour loop for an entire week for
each program, which provides multiple opportunities
for Viewership from inside of a very dangerous
Prison Closet.

(See The SoundMindStreamerProgram now @:)
SoundMindStreamer #1/YouTube


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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