March 17, 2021

What's Happening Readers! - It's been a long time...

by Librado Clemena, Jr. (author's profile)


March 8, 2021

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"What's Happening Readers! - It's Been A Long Time..."

Hello to all those reading my blog... Yes, it's been quite awhile since I've submitted anything and I apologize for the delay. First and foremost, it's been such a journey since my last submission. I've been transferred from one institution to another, five to be exact.

However, let's talk about what has occurred in the past five years; our nation went through some crazy times. We experienced so much political disaster, we were confronted with allegations of a rigged election. There were fingers being pointed at all directions and so much disrespect between both, Democrats and Republicans, yet our nation loses to the most disrespectful individual, who later became our President of the United States of America.

Nevertheless, I truly believe this is when the division started within our country. This is when the percentage rate of racism rose to its peak! Our country was withdrawn from various treaties and global agreements, which took an affect on our nations image, at the eyes of all! Think back folks, how many times did you see our President attend political events which would have been beneficial to the U.S.? Bottom line, Donald Trump was detrimental to our country and remains to be.

Then here we go with mother nature, our country suffered from the wild fires. The State of California damn near burned to the ground! Then we had Texas and several other states that went up in flames, not to mention the hurricanes that those states suffered from, Florida, Louisana and etc. There were millions of Americans effected and displaced by the action of mother nature and what did the former President's Administration do? What did you hear or what do you know?

Now moving forward, let's look at the many states that suffered from racism! This is huge! Look at those who suffered and died in the hands of our law enforcement. People, these are individuals we are supposed to trust with our lives, yet they are the same individuals whom have taken the lives of our loved ones. Then we have those building organizations, advocating for those loved ones we lost. People, let's not focus on the color of skin' BLM - Black Lives Matter? I personally feel we should think outside of the box and the slogan should be "ELM" - Every Life Matters, 'cause in our great country; every life does matter!

The past year has been quite a rollercoaster ride, so many Americans suffered and died from the CoronaVirus. THe world, at one time, froze in its tracks and became quarantined from one another. We lost so many loved ones, I lost my mother in April 2020 and we couldn't bury her until July when our Governor lifted some of the restrictions. Today, I still see people dying form this virus, our citizens aren't taking this illness serious. I guess it'll affect them when they too lose a loved one. Then you have those that don't want to wear their mask nor get vaccinated. Really! Ask yourselves, "Do I love myself? Do I care about living? And, What are my values?" Once you've asked yourself these questions and if you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you should get vaccinated! Live life to its fullest and protect yourself and other's!

WOW! Let's talk about the "capitol Riot!" OMG! I couldn't believe my eyes. I was astound as to what I was viewing on the television. I just couldn't bring myself to grips with all that I was seeing an then to have our former President instigate and provoke such violence. This was our nations capitol, this is where our Forefather's, Lawmakers, etc... congrgate to pass the very same laws to protect every United States citizen, which were violated by the rioter's and our former U.S. President. Yet, the Republican Party couldn't move forward to impeach this individual? Are you serious? But, those rioter's whom are facing criminal charges will get prosecuted? Where's equal justice in that? Damn People, we have a former world leader who went on National Television and directed his follower's to head towards the Capitol and show their support by demonstrating violence! C'mon, we witnessed everything before our own eyes. Lives were lost in the hands of the rioter's and the former President. Talk about the ripple effect of the many victims caused at the hands of these individuals - numerous! Remember people, empath and compassion! Practice this and bring unity within our Great Nation... Here;s a quote to be mindful of :

In conclusion, I am happy to let my reader's know that if you'd like to remain in touch with me, we are now capable of having the capability to email one another. If you choose to email me, please log onto enter my CDCR #J-94579 my name and submit your name on my contact list, this will enable us to email each other. I look forward in hearing from you all. It's an honor to reach out to the many of you who find my blogs interesting, thank you and God Bless...

Peace & In Prayer, Librado C.


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