June 24, 2021

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by Librado Clemena, Jr. (author's profile)
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June 13, 2021

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I just received your response to my last blog, thank you. Yes, the violence our
country is facing is so horrible! It just seams as if it will not stop. I am
saddened by the news we have to watch every day and each time, there's somebody
harmed by the hands of another.

We need more Restorative Justice than the mentality of "Lock 'Bn Up!" We need
more community based programs to help those whom ace unfortunate and unable to
afford attending Universities. We need Government Funded Programs like we had
back in the 70's - 80's - remember the C.E.T.A. Program? It was an On-The-Job-
Training Program and the people got paid minimum wages as they were being trained.
Many became successful!

There's too much violence in our country and not enough programs. We need to
stop incarcerating people and start providing alternatives. There's so much
truth to what you said, "The world needs love..." We must first "Unite'' as one
nation and support one another in making our country the best. We cannot work
against each other, we must work with each other and humble ourselves to make
this nation the best on earth...

My passion is to eventually get out of prison and help those whom are living a
destructive lifestyle. I have a passion to help the troubled youths of today's
generation in making positive choices and decisions in their lives and not take
that wrong turn I made in my life. However, this will be a mission, but can I
get some assistance from those who seek the same? Be mindful, "Our children is
our future!" It falls in our hands to do what needs to be done and to achieve
such goal. I look forward in hearing from any of you that find interest in ay

Humbly Grateful,

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Libŕado Clemena


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