April 2, 2021

Games People Plays

by Childeric Maxy (author's profile)


[Text in original is centered]
[Two pictures in document. One on the first page, to the right of text. Image of a man, with a beard, a Supreme sweater, and a hat with "GAMBLR" on it.
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Games People Plays
For long people have been playing games.
They called these games:
game of chance,
game of death,
head games.
Games that plan theaters of war.
Men compete for victory,
in the game of war;
they share the booty.
Though it takes two for war;
only one side gets to tell the story:
The winner of the Game!
Not to be told?
Game of sports.
Hollywood's game of sort.
When one says: "Game",
it may means "Life--his lifestyle".
Perhaps, it's the game of the heart;
head game--game of Love.
Maybe just a ball game.
One game comes with a hope;
and another brings a loss.
And people continues to play.
Games People Plays,
people plays the games,
and the games play peoples.
When one is compelled
and addicted to the poker table,
he is taken in by the Game.
He and the "Game" are one,
in spirit and in soul.
He is, somehow to the game, reborn;
and in his veins, like blood,
the Game flows.
He has made a convenant with no one;
yet with the game a convenant is sworn!
[Page break]
And he keeps on playing the Game, alone.
Games people plays,
if addiction takes place;
people finds a way,
every day people plays,
people finds a way to play.
Sometimes, it's just any game.
Most times, it's the "Game"!
Sometime, one needs a name;
at times, a play have to be made.
Many times, one needs to make a play.
If they must win, they must play.
Games people plays,
but when the "Game" takes a turn,
people gets hurt:
Haven't you heard?
He took a big blow,
that he didn't see coming forth!
He is down;
and he's still making plays for a touchdown.
He has a grasp his hold,
on these dice of bones.
He got to make a show:
Word of advice, for the "Game" today:
Do not rise up to play;
if you don't know how the game is played.
Or you will be slayed,
and seriously become prey.
Stay away, find a way;
and there will be no game to play.
Go your way,
and live for the next day;
do not play!

C. Maxy#332930, SCI 100 Corrections Dr., Stanley WI 54768-6500.


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