June 14, 2024
by Childeric Maxy (author's profile)


Date: 6/6/2024 2:01:35 PM
Subject: Publish

Letter to the Wisconsin Attorney General Josh L. Kaul, (on behalf of the Wisconsin prisoners)

We saw how you use the law to prosecute the "allies of Mr. Trump", and most of us agree with you, because you are the top law-enforcement authority of the state of Wisconsin. But while you're at it (at Justice), we also ask you to order your Assistants Attorney Generals to review the criminal cases that are questionable, the innocents, the ones whose being railroaded, and those sentenced as juveniles, also who deserve a second chance at life outside these prison Walls, because the role of the "prosecutor" is not just to get guilty verdicts, but to make sure that Justice is done, to both the defendants and the people of the state, see (U.S. v. Berger). The prisons in Wisconsin are overcrowded because of these misconducts by people who claimed to be better than us prisoners, but had to resort to lies. The railroaded in Wisconsin (those who had the juries stacked against them), the prosecutors who used lies just to convict; and there are thousands of felonious cases like that.

For example the prosecutor Scott L. Horne then, now a circuit court justice knew that his state toxicology expert witness Guang Zhang was going to lie (maybe Horne told him to lie) on a testimony, still let him testify. A small white-lie can shift the direction of a trial; Mr. Kaul you know that better than anyone; as in my criminal case there are a collection of lies, and technicalities that are keeping me in here:
1) Guang Zhang's lie
2) Roxanne Theinsen lie
3) Justice Patience Roggensack et. al., lie
4) Business-woman juror who lied at jury-voir-dire. Lie, lie, lie, lie; liars your pants are on fire.

If these three lies by the witnesses, and juror above at trial didn't happened, I believe that the all-white jury would have acquitted me, but I am sure that Scott Horne, and his previous boss Michael Mulroy who was my judge, knew that they had stacked the all-white jury against me, one juror told the court in the middle of the trial that she knew Roxanne Theinsen, and went to her house sold her some mail order items (she said they didn't discussed the case, that's a lie), but my burglary case was publicized by the newspaper ([La Crosse Tribune], I was the news of the day, at every court appearances), television stations, people even advertised and sold alarm systems, because of my case, one TV anchor told people to buy alarms to protect themselves!


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Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post.

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