April 5, 2023

Fentanyl Death

by Childeric Maxy (author's profile)


Date: 3/25/2023 3:19:33 PM
Subject: Fentanyl Death

3/21/23 An inmate named (Roe a nickname) or Rollins Klinski (I am not sure of the name) died of overdose, and the administration puts us on a lockdown for a while. On the above date we were called down to chow; while in line, a female voice shouted "Go back to your cells", before that she spoke to a male officer who verified that someone was found dead in his cell. He had overdosed, possibly from a fentanyl dose. How is that fentanyl found its way inside the prison? as best as I know someone can die just from handling the drug. I am not a toxicologist, or a drug dealer, but I have solid information from a trusted source that fentanyl can be absorbed thru the pores and cause death that way; now imagine if that drug is ingested. How are we supposed to process that information? Those of us who aren't drug users? Some inmates are glad that they could get it. The question that we all want to ask is: "how is fentanyl is smuggled in here without doing harm" to the carrier? The disturbing answer, and one the administration does not want to face is a "STAFF" might be bringing the fentanyl in here. And if a staff is not bringing it. Are the rest of us safe from ingestion of fentanyl? There are people in here who might be able to place this fentanyl on surfaces. Are we safe? Last night, 3/23/23 someone also overdosed again in REDGRANITE CORRECTIONAL, no death reported yet about this case. Remember we are a small compacted institution, it is impossible to avoid contacts, in the bathroom, water fountains (hot or cold), chairs, tables, computer keyboards, etc., there are so many ways one can come in contact with this drug, if it is in here. I don't know what the people in the world have been told about the death of this unfortunate inmate, or if the world know anything at all!
Some people in here are worried, I think it's a tragedy that could have been avoided, if the administration didn't put so much strain on the security staff. Some of them have to work sixteen hours per day, and they are obviously fatigued, and exhausted, we can see that. People in power in Madison refused to pay enough to match the jobs outside; very few people want to work for the DOC. Are we safe? Does the national guard need to come in?



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