April 4, 2021
by William Goehler (author's profile)


BTB 3.28.21

Apologies are due for my previous blog post with the monthly menu. My degrading reference to Tax Paying Wage Slaves, was a passive - aggressive tantrum I sincerely regret.
I all too often wield sarcasm to make jest of this life, where I'm exiled to penal colonies at tax payers expense. It's not that I don't accept responsibility for making this life in exile possible, but the conditions of confinement; especially the meager portions of food we're served, tend to rile me ire.
If I were a tax payer, I'd get some sadistic pleasure in knowing that prisoners appetites aren't sated. I wonder if there is a Greek Tragedy related to starving glutons? Dante must have addressed this Hell, in his Divine Comedy, I suspect. Alas; such is life in prison, as it's always been. Never the less, I apologize for my sarcastic outburst.
The reason I can even retract my expression of frustration at this time is mostly due to the relief I feel after completing my college midterm exams (Fri. 3/26), for the three classes I'm taking:
1- Cultural Anthropology
2- Humanities through the Arts
3- Sociology - Intro. to Marriage & Family
Exam Anxiety is a real phenomena, apparently. This past week or two was terribly overwhelming for me. Feeling incompetent, not so much regarding the rote answers, but rather relative to the required essays, almost caused me to quit - all the classes! It's a wee overwhelming to demonstrate the aptitude I lack, but I'm learning - and I'm committed to better prepare for the Final Exams. I even signed up for two more classes for Summer Semester:
1- Introduction to Gerontology - Sociology
2- Philosophy - Logic and Critical Thinking
Thanks to tax-payers, my acculturation to this new era is remotely possible. Thank You All.

So Joe, if you sensed a Sad Effect response to your concern regarding my needs here - now, now you know why. That over-whelming PTP interfered with our (video) visit together. Sorry.
So much has happened since our previous visit in Jan 2020, that I would have rather boasted about. I mean: WOW! I survived the Covid chaos. Even more than merely surviving it, I was recognized as a stabilized asset to put to work there at A-Facility, as a Trouble-Shooting Liaison. Those types of appointments rarely end well, yet my ability to understand with this transfer to a lower custody Facility.

And here I am now, one of the few permitted outside everyday during the many quarantine episodes - since I was given a job on the Trash Crew shortly after arriving here. It even pays 8 cents / HR!
Speaking of money, so many prisoners have received covid stimulous checks, falsely claiming to have earned $1.00 to qualify. That seemed too much like forgery for me to threaten my potential suitability for parole in early 2023, so I never did claim that free money give away. Even though I no longer have a working Fan to get me through this summer, and my 3 yr. old tennis shoes have walked their last mile.

There are a number of things I "need" here now, sir, especially considering my integrity qualifies me to flourish and prosper in every way! Yet what I "need" most of all is to developed outside alliances to help me build bridges out of here. If I dont have a stable support network, and legitimate jo offers and other living arrangements, then my candidacy for suitibility is greatly diminished.
Such is Life.


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