June 9, 2021

Warm Greetings

From Resurrected Lyon by Tavares Wright (author's profile)


Date: 5/27/2021 9:32:13 AM

Warm Greetings,

I rise from the shadows of Florida's death row with hopes my voice/cry will be heard. 21 lonely years- I've been forced into silence even reduced to a sequence of alphanumerical digits. The state of Florida penal system or as I call it, Florida's modern day slave ship/plantation refer to me as H10118. Yeah, I know right! Down right dehumanizing, especially since I were introduced to the world as Tavares Jerrod Wright and not as H10118.

H10118 has become as a form of branding, however, I must state this form of branding is ten times worst. Why you ask? Well, in the cruel form of branding animals or humans, it's short but painful and leaves a mark for life. The branding I speak of is long, painful, & also leaves a mark for life.

Could you imagine every working hour, you had to repeat a number when your name were called? This my friend is my reality. In the form of H10118 I have to live this branding every single day. Every night 9:30 Pm I have to stand at the front of this cage and give this branding: "COUNT TIME STAND AT THE FRONT OF YOUR CELLS ID'S IN YOUR HAND AND SAY YOUR NAMES AND CD NUMBER!" WRIGHT H10118! It's called a master call above all else!

I can remember 21 years ago when I first was shipped off to Florida's slave auctioning center. I was told to "strip down, turn around, spread our cheeks, lift your balls and dick, now get your ginger and life your tongue" hold up wut you said? "Oh you heard me". My reply then was Man fuck you. My problems started right then and there. A story for another day.

I was given a book-in number which I kept for about two years, then I was shipped to a bigger auction center in the name of prison. I was renamed once more and became H10118, sound familiar? I don't know about you but to me it sure does ring a similar sound to slavery (shipped out and given a good new name).

Day by day I was going through changes and I had no idea I was being formed and conditioned. Most of my time incarcerated was spent in isolation, one time I spent 11 months straight without going outside, nothing to read, or anyone to talk with other than an officer who was doing a 30 minute check. It reached a point I could tell which office was coming to check by listening to the way they walked. A tap or slide even a tick, one may sound like the Jolly Green Giant, while one may sound like a bee or flea! ;-)

All along I was becoming cold like the cell, hard as the bricks I counted till I knew how many was before me, even distant. Many times I wasn't even aware if it was day or night. I had no idea of this change, in fact, I only recently became aware of the fact that I was like a brick man I became aware of this fact when I received a visit from my younger sister. Tiara came to visit and she stepped in to hug me and when she wrapped her arms around me I didn't know what to do, just was at a loss of human contact, I felt like a fish out of water. Now, through the years I had educated myself by reading books, or anything I could get my hands on but I was failing in the department of human contact.

I had lost my sense of humanity without even realizing it. That had scared me more than any thing in my life and I knew things had to change. Yes, Tiara has visited many more times after that and I cherish each and every day with all my heart. Yes, I've received visits from my cousin Carlton, brother Jermaine, aunt Cynthia, and friend Jo-Anne but that one moment when Tiara first came to visited it changed my whole viewpoint. Now, I crave more and more visits because I don't ever wish to lose that element of human contact ever again. This is why I humbly seek more friends who would be willing to visit from time to time. Also, in my fight against my wrongful conviction, I'm seeking assistance on this campaign of Liberation.

Any and all assistance will fully be embraced! I'm in the fight of my life and I seek mercy and your deep consideration with assisting me on this road towards justice and to expose the wrongful convictions that's been handed down in my case.

I have absolutely nothing to hide and I'm up to address any questions you may have, please don't hesitate to write and voice your opinions, nor feel that wouldn't be accepted or acknowledged by my because I welcome one and all, for the fact we are one. No matter where in the world you are, I firmly believe in this wholeheartedly.

Thank you for your consideration and time. Stay healthy and remain positive....


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