June 22, 2021

Management, Management, Management

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 6/9/2021 3:43:01 PM

From my observation of the staffing problems here at Union Correctional Institution (UCI) One of the problems that is really evident is they don't have enough officer's to fill the much needed security positions. Yet at the same time, they have too many Lieutenants and Captains running around. I know your aware of the term too many chiefs and not enough Indian's. Okay that maybe political incorrect these days, but that's the only way I know how to explain this situation. I have seen so many white shirts walking around this building during these bogus cell inspections. And yet they just don't have the staff to operate the prison according to policy and procedures. Which falls right back into the category of poor management. Why keep promoting people, when you can't replace the officer's your promoting in the lower ranks? Come on this isn't rocket science. I know I don't need a bunch of leaders when there's no one to follow the instructions!! And on top of that, their taking critical security staff out of P dorm death row housing, leaving them short staffed and reassigning those officers to watch inmates on pressure washer squad, paint squad and that type of nonsense! Where is the priority? Your going to leave a maximum security death row unit being ran on a skeleton crew, and worry about the facade of the building? What kind of management is that? Security is priority one!!! And then you make sure you have the staff to operate recreation, law library and other guaranteed privleges and rights that are afforded to those under Chapter 33 - Florida Administrative Codes and the United States Constitution. Which they've been falling severely short. Which is clearly due to mismanagement. Knowing where your priorities are, and where to use your staff. We've got recreation yards sitting empty because there's no staff to assign to that yard making sure that it is operating Monday through Friday. Yet they've got staff to sit there and watch two population inmates pressure wash the side of the building and the yard today Tuesday June 8, 2021. This is a low level priority project that could have been done on the weekend when there's very little going on. We could have been outside on this rec yard. The rules she's we get a minimum of 6 hours of rec per week. Last week we got 4 hour's two shy of the minimum. You know when they've exceeded the minimum? You guessed it. NEVER!!! Its just like today Wednesday June 9, 2021. We've got four rec yards for P dorm. From 8 am till 11 am rec yard 4 was being used. This afternoon from 1 pm till 4 pm rec yard 3 was in use. Do you know when all four rec yards have been in use at one time in the past ten years? You guessed it again. NEVER!! And see at approximately 1:30 pm we look out the window and see two white shirts several CO's and Sgt's standing around looking at the kiosk. Well all of that should have been done once the minimum 6 hours was completed. See this is the problem, they put low priority work and maintenance issues a head of our mental and physical health. And recreation is a mental and physical health issue. And they wonder why I'm frustrated all the time? Because I know that with right management and planning not only could we get our minimum 6 hours, but they could give us extra rec time. This cage is just not healthy. But problem is no one seems to care. Will anyone listen? Well I'll keep writing until someone does. God bless you all and continue to fight the good fight.
Sincerely Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974
June 9, 2021


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