July 30, 2021

Remember where you come from

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


A lot of these FDOC high ranking officer's forget where thay come from. Most if not all have violated policy and procedure at least one time, if not multiple times as they came up through the rank and file. Yet when they get some clout, they begin to act like their better than the regular CO (Correctional Officer) that they once were. They begin implementing policy and procedures that make little to no sense, and that does nothing more than complicates the lives of the lowly co and inmate population. And its like this every time Regional Director John Palmer or one of these Warden's comes through here in P dorm, at Union Correctional Institution (UCI). Well I remember when he ( Mr Palmer) was a co, I seen him climb through the ranks. And I seen in 2016 when he was Warden at Florida State Prison (FSP) how Regional Director Brad Cullpeper came through, and implemented this "cell inspection" which threw the prison into chaos, putting pressure on staff and inmates. Our wing officer's and Sgt's have the same mentality as the inmates, leave us the hell alone! That's what the officers want that's what we want. Let me do their job and run the wing the way they see fit, as long as their not abusing inmates and their doing their job in accordance with the rules and regulations giving the inmates what their entitled to. Because its like this, the wing officer's are her every day, so they know how to operate the dorm and supervise the inmates that's under their care custody and control. They know better than some high ranking official, who's maybe in the dorm 30 minutes a week that, and when their present, the officers inmates and other staff aren't functioning as they normally would. So the high ranking official's aren't seeing the normal routing and daily operating procedures. Regional Direction John Palmer knows this as does the Warden, Assist Warden Col. Major Captain etc. Because they once were this lowly co or Sgt who checked themselves, every time high ranking official's were present. See I wouldn't have made a good officer, because I wouldn't play these silly head games. And that's all hey are, is head games! And anyone who says other wise is a liar or fool! Maybe both! Because anyone who's been here and done this for any amount of time knows that what I'm saying is true. And we're losing a lot of officers because they are tired of people making this job harder than what is should be. Mr Palmer on numerous occasions violated policy and procedure. For instance the 21 day captain promotion that James V. Crosby Jr. and Allen Clark did for him in 2003-04 was a violation of policy and procedure, allowing Mr Palmer to go from Administrative Lt. to captain to major in three weeks. And by the end of 2004 Mr Palmer was the Assist Warden here at UCI. Yes he witnessed many illegal promotions, as well as the illegal paying of professional athletes who were brought in to be ringer's for FSP's infamous softball league, and a team Mr Palmer played on. Yes there was felony after felony being committed. And everyone was privy to the illegal activity's under Warden James V. Cosby Jr. Who continued his criminal conduct as he rose to the rank of Secretary of the Florida Department of Correction's, bringing Mr Palmer along with him to his Tallahassee office. Yes the criminal activities would eventually come to light, and the criminal house of cards began to fall. And fall they did!!! James V. Crosby Jr was sent to prison along with Allen Wayne Clark and other high ranking official's. And although Mr Palmer survived the collapse of the Crosby regime, with little more than a slap on the wrist, and a demotion, which should be a reminder to continue to remember where you come from. For Mr Palmer rose like a Phoenix out of the ashes of corruption. And being that he knows the underlying ranks. He should have more compassions and considerations for the lowly Correctional officer and the "INMATE" for which his former protégé James V. Crosby Jr and Allen Clark became. And he himself knows how close he came to falling, then and in several prior incidence for which I will not mention. A lot of times these staff members are one step away from going from Co, Sgt, Lt. Captain etc to "INMATE." I've seen it with Crosby, Allen Wayne Clark, Edward Dugger, Joseph Deese, Oscar Shipley, Marcus Starling, L. Griffis and the list goes on. And these were all men who had major ties to Regional Direction John Palmer. In fact it was so corrupt and unethical back then, that they had an inmate working as an FSP correctional officer. For Sgt Chris Eddins was charged with domestic violence in Baker county, and was serving his time as in inmate in the Baker county jail on the weekends, and Monday morning he would put o his Sgt uniform and transform from "inmate to FDOC correctional officer." Yes this was corrupt administration that still has many strong ties to prison's throughout this region. For that Crosby administration spawned many unethical leader's who are still in power as Warden's Assist Warden's and Col. to this very day. Yes the good ol boy mentality of favoritism promotion's are still apart of the FDOC. In fact just last year Mr Palmer was going to bring in Warden Barry V. Reddish as Assist Regional Director, until word got out, and some Senators began investigating how Mr Reddish still had an open homicide investigation pending from 2012, when he was warden here at UCI and inmate Frank Smith was murdered on his watch. And all of what I just shared here, can be substantiated through a Google search. Yes with a little bit of research, you'll see that many of these people, where members of the Crosby regime. When on July 17,1999 death row inmate Frank Valdes was beaten to death. Welcome to the wonderfully corrupt world of the Florida Dept of Corrections, and an administration that's rooted in corruption.
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