Aug. 15, 2021

Dear Readers.......8/15/21

by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)


Dear Reader,
Hey! It's been quite a while since I've written, I apologize for leaving you hanging and disappearing the way I did. But it was for good reason and I'm now going to explain it to you. All my mail was illegally censored, here's why...

Do you recall my post from around January 2019? About prison guards letting death row convict Clarence Jones die on the basketball court in October 2015. And that those guards then poisoned me for writing the truth in my statement. And how my attorneys refused to go to the authorities to get me help. Well, I found out why. Because they're friends with those guards... Yup, they were willing to let me die for those "extracurricular" friendships with those guards. I'm now going to catch you up on the more recent events that kept me from communicating with you.

In March of 2020, I had a legal visit with my 1st chair appellate attorney Julissa Fontan and the rest of CCRC middle regions purple team. At the end of that visit Julissa hung back and we spoke for a minute, or few, and she confessed, in anger, that her and my 2nd chair appellate attorney, Maria Deliberato, in short, threw me under the bus on my guilt phase portion of my appeal. AFter years of telling me I was definitely going to get a new trial she drops that on me. She told me we were never friends too. Her & Maria, both, on a few occasions used that word. Once, Maria spoke quite passionately of why they were my friends and that they really wanted me to know that. So Julissas words stung. After that visit I dove into my case. Going through evidence, searching for evidence of this. And after a couple months of searching & reflection I worked out so much corruption that the following tools place after I confronted Maria Deliberato on all I'd uncovered.

I confronted Maria about Diva and physical evidence she (& Julissa, Michael Nieden & Jeff Dondy) lied to me about the first is the DNA evidence. The woman who died that night (may she always rest in piece) had cast off blood patterns around her body. She was stabbed to death. Because of those patterns Her Killer would have gotten her blood DNA on him. They cut out 28 pieces of my shift (the front) and tested them for her DNA. All came back negative. None of her DNA is on me at all. Non from here this evidence, or lack of, branches into 2 parts. "I said that her & I never had contact. So they fabricated DNA evidence so that it would seem, to the Jury, that I was lying. A seed to convince them to distrust me. There was a DNA profile on one of my fingers that belonged to a southeastern hispanic female. The woman who died was "NOT" Hispanic. But she used to be married to a Hispanic man. So after prosecutors ED Davis and Jason Lewis took over my case for the state my attorneys, Mike & Jeff, began referring to her by her married name to make it seem like the Hispanic DNA was hers. When it actually belongs to the womans home I went to afterwards and washed up in her shower. With her bath soap. She "is" Hispanic. So the fmale Hispanic DNA profile on my finger belongs to her. Not the caucasian woman who died. " That" is false DNA given to a Jury. Now, the other part of this DNA branch is that when they discovered the womans body had cast off blood patterns around her but found none on me, why didn't they check his shirt for her DNA. I told them from the beginning that he murdered her! They all told me his shirt was completely saturated so they couldn't test it. Which was a complete lie. The front of his shirt (where the cast off blood would be) was almost completely free of blood except around his Neck and side. But there are drops of blood on the front of his shirt, indicative of cast off. For Christ sake, it's her friggin' DNA!!! So I bet your wondering, "Why didn't they test it?" I'll now go into that issue.

My original prosecutor was Matt Foxmann. He's now a Judge. He made comments about my case that gave Michael Nielsen the confidence to tell me Foxxman was probably going to drop charges against me. So I could just relax. While I was awaiting this to take place an inmate in my block (Ernest Rainey) approached me with an offer to pay me to lie for him and say I overheard Jontrek Jacksson (an inmate locked up for 2nd degree murder) confess to his charge. I looked at E. Rainey like he was the dumbest piece of shit on this planet. He then began to talk real fast and explain he was getting his 10 year sentence for "rape" knocked down to 7 years. I say to him, "Was telling me that supposed to help you right now???" I colorfully rejected his offer. I couldn't believe he admitted to being a rapist! I bet those 7 years were real hard on him! Ha! Ha! A rapist & a snitch! I could crack Jones on that combo for pages. But moving on... So he also offered this deal to 2 other convicts. I'm sorry- inmates. Those 2 inmates accepted his deal I wasn't cool with this. This was wrong in so many kinds of ways. And I couldn't let it go down. So I contacted the public defenders office and let them know what was going down. So now I'm a witness for the defense. His prosecutors were- yup, you guessed it, ED Davis and Jason Lewis. They had an offer for him to take a plea bargain for 25 years. And if he didn't accept that they were taking him to trial to give him life. Well, just before trial they broke down and offered him a 3-5 year manslaughter plea bargain. Because of me. So they came after me. A couple months later I found out they'd taken Matt Foxxman's place as my prosecutors! Yup, and my trial attorneys approved it. Now I told Nielsen to object to this. During a pre-trial hearing he brought it up but didn't object to it. He told me he did. I thought he did. But during my appeal I found out he did not. He lied to me. He accidentally confessed there was a quid pro quo in my case. But then went into damage control, explaining trials are like chess... I was green when it came to trials so I had no clue I was being played. You see, they gave up favorable evidence in my case that would have proven my innocence and allowed fraudulent evidence to be given to the jury without objection so they could receive similar favor in a murder case they had in St. Johns county. Which they won. So they gave me up for him. And while he's free living the good life, I'm stuck on this rotisserie fighting to get out of the fire. And I'm the one who has evidence proving me innocent. He didn't but he had plenty of money going to them under the table...

After Maria & I argued for a few months over this she became extremely excited & anxious when I told her I was going to my Judge about all of this. She began applying a psychological measure to try and create mental illness in me. She would say something and we'd speak on it for a few minutes. Then she would ask me why I'm saying what I'm saying. I'd tell her because she said... what she said. And then she'd say, "I didn't say that. I'm worried about you Doug, i want you to speak to mental health. Your delusional." And she'd say it very affectionately. She did it a few times each phone call for 3 phone calls. I knew what she was doing and confronted her about it every time. But come that 3rd phone call I swear it felt like I was being torn in half. I could feel my psyche splitting and it hurt. Not physically isn't... I can't describe that kind of pain. But what she was doing was working so I threatened to tell on her for some crimes she committed in my case if she didn't quit. That I was going to go to my Judge on everything if she didn't stop. So she quit. Thankfully!

Now, a couple months later she comes to visit me. This was in January 2021. I walk into the room...
"Hey Doug, how are you doing?" Maria asks dryly.
"I'm doing good. What about you? How are you doing?" I respond.
"No, your not Doug." she says.
"Seriously, I'm doing good." I say.
"No your not. Your sick Doug. Your being poisoned again and there's nothing I can do about it unless you sign a plea bargain for a life sentence."

Yes. That really happened. She is extorting me to sign a life plea bargain under a threat of being poisoned to death. After that visit I'd become hyperaware. So I'm noticing all things that are off. Well, the next day the plumbers cane to fit my water.
-Oh, I forgot to tell you that when Maria told me I was being poisoned. I actually was sick. I even filed a sick call before that legal visit. So her statement was dead on and I believed her.

While they're working on my waterlines I hear them whispering about finding something in my waterline. An officer was with them and stopped them from telling me what was up. So I quit drinking the water and all my symptoms went away. The fluid retention in my ankles/feet and wrist/hands receded. Pressure in my head/eyes & ears went away and the skin all over my body stopped drying out and itching. i then grieved this and Cpt. brown and Warden Lamb refused to help me. Asst. Warden Mr. T Know told me there's nothing they can do about it. That they sent my complaints to the inspector generals office and that's all they can do. The inspector general's office has never sent anyone to talk to me about my complaints of abuse. And every time I got ignored the staff kicked it up a notch. They started screwing with my tray food; canteen. They even got an inmate to help them. I took care of that... I grieved all that other stuff and got no help. Not even from secretary Maric Inch. They all allow this kind of corruption to exist because it's death row. They don't think we deserve to have peace or be treated humanely. And poison is their new vice. They stopped beating death row prisoners to death after 4 guards were charged with murder about 20 years ago. Franky Valder case. After that they began using poison. But lo and behold, I didn't know attorneys were involved with it. I wonder how many attorneys have had their death row clients poisoned to death? have these guards who like to poison prisoners ever poisoned a civilian? Questions, questions...

Now I'm in the Volusia County Division of Corrections. That's the Daytona Beach County jail. I have a new pnelaty phase so I'm being housed here because of the poisoning. When I first came the doctor diagnosed me with heart failure. But it's false. Once my body recovers from being poisoned my heart will be in much better shape. The same thing happened in 2015. The heart failure went away. Oh, I forgot to tell you, the guards on death row own medical too. The physicial wouldn't treat me because guards told her not to. and both times I've had problems with being poisoned, they brought nurse Strong to P-dorm to be the nurse when it began. Coincidence? Her husband was fired from F.S.P. Because of me and i was a witness to the situation that cost her her job as a guard in MediCal at F.S.P So she's not supposed to be anywhere around me.

A measure the stadd take when they poison someone is they'll spread the rumor that that specific inmate is struggling mentally. So that way his words aren't taken that seriously.

So I'm back here and after only 5 days my health is improving. I could only do sets of 50 jumping jacks when I first came. Today, my last 2 sets were 500 a piece. Looks like that heart failure is going away fast huh.

Well, there's the sum of the last year plus. And I'm back. I know one person who's happy for that. Shout out to Tenrin Tenrin. How are you doing mama :)

I hope you and everyone out there are staying strong and healthy. And staying washed up!

I'm going to do something I've never done before. But times are tough at the moment and I'm having trouble getting ahold of my friends. Due to my recent move. I've only gotten ahold of one. So I hope you won't mind me asking for a bit of financial help. If you can afford it, anything will be greatly appreciated.

To send money, go to: "".
To send package, go to: "".
To set up email, go to: "".
To set up video visitation with me, go to "".
I'll be here for the next several months or longer.

I hope all is well!

Until next time.
Yours Truly,

Current address:
Douglas B. Matthews #1089127
Volusia County Division of corrections
1354 Indian lake road
Daytona beach, Florsoa 32124


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