Sept. 12, 2021

Dear Reader.......8/29/21

by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)


Dear Reader. 8-29-2021

Hey! I hope you are doing well!

Well, I now have a life sentence and have my Haebus Corpus (Federal Appeal) to content with. My best option for success is to find someone who can file it for me. But that'll cost money. Money I do not have. I have asked for help on this, but the likelihood that I'll find at least $7,500 is almost zero. But if I don't try I won't succeed. It's the final inning.

As to some more info on the situation I've shared with you. I'm attaching a copy of the Florida bar complaint I filed but never heard back on. I suspect Maria and Julessa were having my legal mail screened with. I sent a letter complaint similar to some of this on Michael Nielsen and Jeff Donny and only received a recession response on M. Nielsen a week later and never one on Jeff Donny. A week! The Florida Bar isn't going to receive , investigate, and respond and their response to get back to me in 1 week! I sensibly speculate Maria read my letter while at the prison or had an office read it to her and she drafted that response and sent it to me without properly thinking through the timing....but here we are now. I believe the Florida Bar never received this complain. But they should have. I would not be sentenced to life right now but instead could very possibly be looking at an acquittal right now. Instead, I'm looking at a poetic end to a valiant fight as I'm transferred back into the blood-stained clws of those who will see I don't stick around too much longer. Who wish to see me and my voice fade away with the wind. But I assure you, I will not make it easy. Until Next time...I hope.

Yours Truly,



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