Sept. 7, 2021

Dear Senators & Representatives

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


July 16, 2021

Dear Senator's & Representatives

I'm coming to you concerning a homicide that's being covered up. It involves a Lt. Christian Carter, here at Union Correctional Institution(UCI). Here's what I know. Back in the early part of June, I heard a story that Lt. Christian Carter, Sgt. King and a CO, attended the Fallen Officer Memorial Ceremony, they were representing U.C.I., and the FDOC was paying for their hotel rooms. Well, Lt. Carter hired a known prostitute, and paid her with not only *redacted* but with his prescription drugs. She was found dead several days later in his rented FDOC hotel room.

When I heard about this, I began talking to other staff. Some members were scared and would not talk. During a psychologist call out with P Dorm Counselor Mrs. Garcia, I asked her what she knew, and when I said, "What do you know about Lt. Carter and the dead woman in his hotel room?" She was surprised that I knew about it, asked how I found out. But she wouldn't talk about it. So I told her the entire story of what I had heard. Once I was done, I said, "Just tell me yes or no, is it true?" She said, "yes except for where the body was found." The first story I heard was the body was removed from the hotel room and placed in the bushes. You can look all you want, you will not find this story in the media. Believe me, I've even had attorneys look. It's being kept quiet as a mouse!!" Nothing on it anywhere! I wrote a piece about it on my TP6 Tablet on June 26, 2021, Saturday. Called Hush Hush Keep it on the Down Low" This Administration blocked it and censored it in violation of established law. Please, see attached "Formal Complaint" that I sent to the U.S. Department of Justice on June 29, 2021. On July 8, 2021, I received a DR Log# 213-210782 which both of my attorneys believe to be retaliation. So on Saturday, July 11, 2021, I'm sitting here in a Disciplinary Confinement(DC) cell, writing to Florida House Representative Susan Valdes, when at approx. 11:35 am the Sgt. came through picking up the lunch trays, when he said, "Clark what have you done now?" I said "Well possibly writing about Lt. Christian Carter and that dead woman found in his hotel room" Sgt Was next door at Cell 4102 opening the Flap to get his tray, when I said this, the Sgt can be seen on Video P-4-Left bottom floor, sticking his head back over here with a look of shock on his face, he said, "How in the hell did you find out about that PP!" He was surprised that I knew.

Now I had written a second piece updating Hush Hush...I knew it would be censored, I was hoping to go to Recreation where I would have access to the JPay Kiosk, on Wednesday, July 7, so I could send this second part entitled "The Cover Up" and then immediately print, before the Administration could snatch it out of sendbox, and censor it. I believe the administration was monitoring my JP6 Tablet and what I was writing. Anyways before I could get it printed, I received the DR I sent the essay before they could take the tablet. I had no way to print, therefore you will have to contact the FDOC and request a copy of the email sent to my attorney Karin I. Moore at approx. 7:30 am Thursday, July 8, 2021.

That week I had found out more information. I spoke with a staff member who had informed me that Lt. Carter had told the homicide detectives that he didn't pay the prostitute, and she stole his medication. He did this to negate the negligent homicide charges. I asked the staff member, "Why is this being kept so hush hush? I mean you can't find this story anywhere on the internet, media NoWhere?" He said, "No one cares, she's just a crack whore." And when I questioned him further about the meds, he said there are two sides to the story, but only one person here to tell their side." I've been told that Christian Carter resigned last month. Someone needs to interview Sgt. King, who's a black male and whose past is possibly u or Y dorm. He can tell you who the C.O. is that attended the ceremony. this will also lead to the hotel room, which will lead you to the staff who discovered the body. Which should open the investigation up to where you can find the truth, and discover why it is being kept from the public, to begin with. Because there's a cover-up going on! And I'm making people very uncomfortable!"

I cannot reveal the names of these officers that I've spoken with. I gave my word that I wouldn't. These officers have families, and this career which they've got time tied up in. And if this administration found out the names, these men would be ostracized and possibly terminated for talking about this, with the most hated inmate back here. And although I write negative stuff about the FDOC, you have some good men, who I respect and will protect! And people have told me, please don't involve my name in this mess. And I won't.

I'm going to include a letter that I sent to you back on May 4, 2021, which is about how this administration treats its staff. I'm not sure if it reached any of y'all. I know Legal and privileged mail goes through Col. Lindsey's office. And in 2018, he pulled a stamped and sealed envelope that was addressed to them, Assistant Regional Director John Palmer. For he sent Captain Sandlin down here to bully me the next morning. So he does censor "illegally censor" letter's addressed to other public officials. And I haven't received any comments or acknowledgment of this letter.

Now, staff often come to me, and ask me to bring certain issues to your attention. And I know that's hard to believe. But they've got no voice, they're not going to use that grievance system because they're not going to be ostracized or retaliated against. And many have told me over the years, "I don't know if you brave or crazy." But I was asked over a month ago, to write about "GHOSTING THE ROSTER." It was the first time I ever heard the term. Now if true, you have this administration not only jeopardizing a maximum security death row housing unit, but falsifying state documents in violation of 33-208.002(19) and its governing laws Florida statute 944.09, etc. I've personally witnessed undermanned post, one of which I'll tell you about shortly, where recently retired Sgt. Brennen was working 3 posts. But when I first started investigating this back in mid-June, "I was asking staff what can you tell me about Ghosting the roster or post?" Well, I got some feedback, but I believe one, or multiple staff members notified the Col, Assistant Warden, or Warden. Because before I'd see one Sgt. or Co. working down here alone. Sometimes not just running this security post that requires a Sgt and CO. but the staff member would also be running the 2nd floor as well. Which also requires a Sgt. or CO. So I've seen one CO working four security posts. Yes, 3 unmanned posts in a maximum-security unit!" Which is irresponsible beyond belief!" Okay on Sunday, June 20, 2021, the last Sunday that Sgt. Brennen worked, he was working the inmate visitation park dress out. The main hall and helping out on the Wings, pulling inmates for visitation. I'm sure he will not mind testifying to this since he retired on Thursday, June 24, because this Admin. was disrespecting him, and overworking him!" C.O. Shipper retired that same day. For the same reason. But that Sunday, you had one CO. filling 3 positions in a maximum-security unit. I've seen this happen on numerous occasions over the past year. And there's video evidence that will support it. Where you will see the same Sgt. or C.O. making 30-minute rounds down here on one south, and then going upstairs making rounds on two south. And since I started inquiring about this, I've seen as many as three offices down here assigned to this floor. In fact, the video will show several times over the past 2 weeks, where they've assigned a Lt to work as a Floor Officer July 9th, was one of those days.

Now, staff told me that security will assign one officer to two different posts. For instance, they'll assign one of P Dorm Admin recreation officers, as a Floor office, but yet he will still be doing his rec post. so they're falsifying a report to make it look as if that post wasn't left unmanned. Now your going to need to do a roster audit on P Dorm, which is going to require interviewing staff, and viewing P Dorm video. One staff member I questioned told me that they've placed names on the roster, of people who no longer work here. To me, that seems far-fetched, but I also know from dealing with the FDOC "anything is possible."

I know this building is severely understaffed. We all see it. But if they're doing this, it's not only immoral, illegal, and dangerous, but it's reckless!!" And should call for this entire administration to be terminated. Staff asked me to bring this to your attention. And enough of them backed this story up to where I believe it to be true. As I said, someone has leaked to the Administration that I was asking questions about this, and they've made some corrections. And now they may be trying to alter and correct any falsified documents. But I believe you should get the personal records of the following individuals and question them concerning this. Sgt. Brennen and C.O. Shipper who retired on June 24, C.O. Glen and Former Recreation Officer Abernathy. And Counselor Mrs. Garcia, who witnessed unmanned posts, which prevented her from doing her job, and counseling inmates who are dealing with the psychological trauma of solitary confinement.

This homicide and this ghosting the roster are the two most serious issues that need to be addressed. However there are some serious issues concerning the inmates back here, and what we're having to deal with. We're basically being tortured in a sweatbox during these summer months. Even the officers and nurses hate coming back here where we're housed, due to the heat. I plead with you to visit this building on a day where the temperature is in the high 90s with 100% humidity. I heard 2 North is the hottest, but I'm on 4 Left bottom, which is miserable. The visit should take place between 2 and 5 pm which is the hottest time of the day. On this wing here, you also have 4 men unjustly behind closed solitary steel doors. I say unjustly, because they haven't committed any crimes, that are any more serious, than the other 300 men on death row. In fact, Daniel Craven #V24323 who's been housed in Cell P-4103 for the past 2 years, was informed by Col. Lindsey and then assistant Warden Faulk in August 2019, that they will never allow him from behind this steel door, as long as he's an Odinist. Which in and of itself is a Constitutional violation, trying to force someone to change their religion. Craven has shown positive adjustment with 24 months, two years of above satisfactory monthly reports, yet the administration will not loosen their grip. And get this, when he arrived on death row at Florida State Prison(FSP) in November 2018, he spent three days in regular death row housing, before Warden Barry V. Reddish saw him and arbitrarily and capriciously without any cause placed him on heightened security and put him behind a steel door. Warden Reddish is one of the most unethical men I've ever run across. He's still got an open homicide investigation for the death of Frank Smith here at UCI when he was Warden from June 2009 - Oct 2012. He had me personally assaulted twice in May of 2012 for writing about him and the abuse that was taking place here. Google Warden Barry V. Reddish of UCI, and you'll see the open homicide investigation. This is how in 2020, I assisted in stopping Regional Director John Palmer from promoting Barry V. Reddish to Assistant Regional Director. But the bottom line is this, these men who are being kept behind the door, who haven't committed a crime any worse, than the other 300 men here, need one of two things, cut loose, or be reviewed from an outside independent unbiased source. Because let's face it, this administration is anything but a neutral source! And if what the staff is saying is true about Ghosting the Roster, well we will know this administration is filled with criminals who are violating the law. We need your help. And these inmates who are behind these doors, really need your help! Come back here on this wing, feel this heat and interview these men. You've got guys back here in D.C. doing 60 days of solitary confinement, cut off from their emails and phone call with family, and having to do over 30 days before they can get recreation, the sunshine vitamin, and fresh air. If you view 33-601.830 (7)(J) 2 We do not lose our recreation back here unless authorized by the ICI(Institutional Classification Team) Recreation is a major problem here, and on the regular wings. But back to this Disciplinary Confinement. Guys are placed in these cages for failing a drug test. The Administration gives them 60 days, yet does nothing to treat these men, give them counseling and drug treatment. No, they would rather throw them in a cage and mentally mess them up, more than they're already messed up!" The rule even states under 33-601.308(4)(L) "Disciplinary Confinement shall only be utilized as a last resort." These men should not have been sentenced to D.C. They should have been sentenced to drug treatment and counseling!" I've seen this abuse of power and authority play out time and time again. But it's a result of poor management. Placing people in leadership positions who have zero leadership qualities!" And that's not just my opinion, the officers, specifically want Col. Jeffery Lindsey gone, as does the entire inmate population!"

I can continue on for several more pages, because we've got so many issues that need to be addressed. 1) the heat. 2) overuse of solitary/Disciplinary Confinement which is costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars per Disciplinary Report. 3) We're entitled to 6 hours a week of recreation which we're not getting. And this is a health safety and psychological issue. 4) Our grievance system is broke. We've got grievances that don't get returned, and a review committee who rubber stamps appeals. A system that again costs thousands of dollars because it's run incompetently. 5) We've got toilets that overflow, spilling raw sewage, human turds from another man into your cell onto your floor! And you have to clean it up! 6) We also have holes in the back wall, like this cell here I'm housed in 4101, which has molded toilet paper, stuffed in the hole in the back wall to seal it.

And these are just a few of the issues that we need your help on. I'd be glad to talk with any of y'all in person, on the phone, or on Zoom. We need change for us inmates and the officers. We need serious reform, which will come from overhauling these prison administrators who have been claiming the ranks through Cronyism. I'm sorry about the length, but there's so much that needs to be addressed. I thank you for your time and hopefully your help. God bless you.

Ronal W. Charky #812974



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