Oct. 5, 2021

Times Must Change

by William Goehler (author's profile)


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19 September '21

This Sunday's homily is taken from a lecture by L. Ron Hubbard, titled:
It is all very well to sit back and hope for "the best in this best of all possible worlds." But it's the course of personal and national suicide. Unless there is a vast alteration in Man's civilization as it stumbles along today. Man will not be here very long. TIMES MUST CHANGE.
Today we as a culture poise on the brink of destruction. It does not matter whether that destruction will come with a dramatic bang! or by political up-heaval or by the putrefaction of social decay. It will come. I do not have to tell you what is wrong. You can look around yourself and see a number of conditions, all signs of decay and sources of pain. You know they should not be that way.
To pretend all is well today is like whistling in a hurricane. It does no good. Death waits. He is never announced. He simply arrives gradually or suddenly. He waits for each of us and for Mankind. Yet Man today does nothing effective to halt death. Indeed he knows little or nothing about it. He even greets any effort to understand it with jeers or a shrug.
Man is sick and nations have gone mad. You would not tolerate for one moment the conduct in an individual that is commonplace in the acts of some nations. You would lock up such a person. We cannot, none of us go on pretending all is well or that all will be well. It is not so. Unless a large and effective effort is made to half Man's decline, this planet will revert to barren desert. Certainly with his bombs, racism and inhumanities he is trying hard enough. TIMES MUST CHANGE.
We have too long gone downward toward personal and social oblivion. We have a way to do this. We [Scientologists] are the only group on Earth that does have a workable solution. It's time we realized it and used it, every one of us.
Thousands of philosophers couldn't have been totally wrong. They sought,

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every one of them from Socrates to Russell, the way to salvage the individual and the society. The one common denominator of their search was a deep knowledge that there was a way out and that somewhere, someday somebody would find it. All right. We found the way out. Let the ignorant laugh. The ignorant always do. Let the smug and pompous ride their toboggin to to nowhere. We have an answer and we are using it. If each of us moves up toward higher states of effectiveness, we can then exert enough pressure collectively to set things right. That's easy. We have the way. If we follow it. TIMES MUST CHANGE.
The hard thing to do is try to keep society the way it is; the cruel thing to do to oneself is to do nothing. TIMES MUST CHANGE.
No pressure of governments, no campaigns by the incompetent "healers" who have already failed, no threat of ridicule or punishment must be let stand in our way. We have the technical materials. We are making our way already all the way. Now we must not stop. There is not one more single thing we need to know to accomplish all. We weren't effectively prevented from attaining our knowledge - the hard part of the journey. Now we cannot be prevented from applying it. TIMES MUST CHANGE.
And we the Scientologists are the ones who are changing them.
-From Certainty magazine, January 1966
Now it appears to me that the sinister architects of discord continue to overwhelm society at large, and virtually disempowers reasonable individuals through the use of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). One must ask why, who has what to gain by overwhelming everyone's imaginations looking to make sense of the chaos. So the other day I defined the word neurosis, after watching the Fourth Estate news stations barrage of bad - which tends to make us all feel powerless. Does anyone else notice all the pharmaceutical company commercials aired during the newscast?
NEUROSIS: an emotional illness in which a person experiences strong feelings of fear or worry; an emotional state containing conflicts and emotional data inhibiting the abilities or welfare of the individual.
So I looked up the definition of POWER: [tp be able] 1a(1): ability to act or produce an effect. Remembering that displaying responsibility for the amends to my own character, is my only real responsibility; I can proudly say that I've grown to BE THE CHANGE I wish to see in the world!
Understand this, society is made up of individuals, so its decay is

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rooted in the individual. My advice to you all who feel overwhelmed by our current culture of complicity, is simply be responsible for your own condition - instead of complaining about the condition of a civilization you don't understand. BE THE CHANGE you want to see. It's much easier to live with yourself when you're accountable - to You.
The way to salvaging the individual, and society by extension, was chiseled above the portal of Apollo's Temple at Delphi, which read: Gnothi Seauton (know thyself).
Check out the definition of NEUROTIC. 1. Considered to be below 2.5 on the Tone Scale. The neurotic has thorough concern about the future to the degree that he has many more fears about the future than he has goals in the future. He spends much time pondering the past. He acts and then wonders if he has acted correctly - and is sure he has not.
Scan the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation. I posted earlier. Scan across all the columns along and below the 2.5. for an introduction to that potential. If you want to take responsibility for improving your own condition. I suggest the first thing to do is study the SOLUTIONS for a DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENT video at http://course.volunteerministers.org/play_video/vm_film_solutions. Next, study THE CAUSE OF SUPPRESSION; -_film_suppression. After that when you're ready to give account of your own past actions in your commitment to embrace your responsibility to BE THE CHANGE, go to: http://course.volunteerministers.org/play_video/vm_film_integrity.
Now there is a word worth defining, with all its synonyms. And with that I will close, wishing you all embrace responsibility TO BE ~ accountable. We Live and Learn.
William Goehler


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