Oct. 24, 2021
by William Goehler (author's profile)


Restorative justice is about conscious awareness improving on'e responsibility. Knowledge is power.
Many prisoners never experienced successful role models regarding marriages -- or most any partnership arraignments.
I trust that there are many prisoners (and their spouse or partners) who would benefit greatly from studying the marriage text booklet, along with its companion course check sheet I posted here earlier.
Feel free to print out this material and send it into your loved ones. Study it together for the best results.

For love of truth
Universal Life Church



Two people were having extreme marital difficulties. The husband had absolutely decided to end the marriage and was already in the process of dividing their belongings. A Scientologist was asked by the site to counsel them. This was the result:

"The wife really wanted to salvage their marriage but her husband didn't, although he did grudgingly agree to go through the counseling. When I first started counseling them. he was doing this as a mere 'formality.' But after a number of hours of counseling. this situation did a 180-degree turnaround and their marriage was salvaged. They were both coy such in love again and were spared the trauma that accompanies divorce."

Nothing had worked for a couple from New York who were trying to save their marriage, so they agreed to separate. A friend sent them to a chaplain In a Scientology church for counseling and when that was complete the wife was overjoyed.

"Well. what can I say! I feel wonderful about myself and about my husband. Two weeks ago I couldn't see how we could stay together. Step by step. each of us took responsibility for ourselves. Then we began to take responsibility for each other. We used to be in very good communication before we drifted apart. but since we completed this counseling. we finish each other's sentences and the same thing comes out of our mouths at the same time! We are both now new people. I owe my life 1.000 times over to the chaplain."

Study of some of Mr. Hubbard's writings on the subject of marriage helped a couple improve their marriage.

"Each time we learned something new. one or the other of us would apply it. We found that we became a lot more positive in our communication with each other. As we learned more, it was like an adventure—every day of our marriage was something to look forward to. something very exciting, something we created each day. Frankly it had never been that good before. This was just from reading about it. We found each other again—and ourselves."


"On a mutually co-supportive basis, people have a better chance of making it than alone. And that's one of the basic philosophies on which marriage is based."
L. Ron Hubbard


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