Dec. 29, 2021

No Mercy, No Justice, No Peace In The State Of Georgia

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


No Mercy, No Justice, No Peace In The State of Georgia
(A privative circumstance)
For Jennifer Johnson

Could someone tell me how does it Suppose to look when you are
Crying in court setting or Parole hearing. Is it a certain way you
Suppose to cry to prove your remorse about your situation. I
am reminded about Kyle Rittenhouse when he was crying in his trial.
People took to social media he was faking. I though that was
pathetic of the people. Just as a person go to trial for murder.
The defendants or defendant don't shed no
tears. They are deemed a monster or heartless and not remorseful.
For decades, I've notice this. Where does this notion about
people come from? Really do you know this about the person
sincerely. Are this a opinion you formed about the person because
you have a gut feeling. Are we judging based off the changes.

Some people don't wake up saying well I am going to do evil
to someone or watch somebody to do evil today. Are somebody
going to suffer today. Things sometimes happen that you had
no clue about. Travis Scott has no clue that was going
to happen at his concert. How many concert has been pack like
that for decades. Many, but just happen so a freak accident
happen at his. But to hold him accountable till you want to
destroy him based he knew better is no sense. Go
back in look at the history of concerts like Michael Jackson
how many people was their. People has to have common
sense when they go to these concerts. Look at the streets of
New York when we have the New Years Events or other
important events before Covid - nobody was pushing and
acting stupid. The point is the streets are crowded for the events.
I feel bad for the people who lost The Love ones. This situation
has been all tore up, all out of order. This is the reason that I tackled
Rittenhouse situation because yess other people had the same
AR weapon but was they attacked absolutely not. The
concept where I am going, people will take a privative
circumstance in turn into a negative circumstance real
quick. For some people who don't know what "privative"
mean? Privative means causing deprivation, lack or loss
altering the meaning of a term from positive to negative.

For longevity, people has been doing this behavior
pattern. Yesterday I was turning the television station.
The channel I land caught my attention. They made mention
of C-murder Corey Miller. So I tuned in, I never knew C-murder
story of what happened in his case. I begin to listen. I learned
a lot about the case. No weapon, no DNA, and two witness.
His daughter and ex wife was on the show reasonable doubt.
As the investigation went on. A number of thing stuck out
to me. The first one is how they had number of
people in this rooms. as witness to a robbery. After
the robber ran out the Room. They ask what did
they see. One said the man was a dark skinned man.
The other said he was about 5'6 or 5'7 in height. When
the robber enter back in the rooms. The investigator
ask him what is your height. The guy said I am 5'11.
Even though this is an unprivative circumstance: The witness
it worst because they assume this suspect was
a certain look or height. Just based off that, a person
can end up with a length sentence, Life or death penalty.

But in story of C-Murder Corey Miller one witness has
recanted because he lied because he was facing a lengthy
sentence in prison. So to clear yourself. You want to
Ruin another man's life. That was messed up. As a viewer
it made me mad because this happens all the time in
our society. The second witness who said he seen Corey
fighting but he didnt see who shot Steven Thomas.
I feel that the second witness was just a salty person.
Salty people tend to be jealous of what another one has
they will go to the extreme to destroy it. There is something
not right about this witness as well. I feel with the proper
investigation to see if anyone was paid to get on the stand
to lie. Have anyone investigated to see how may people
paid on the state side to take this mogul of the Hip Hop
down. In the African American Communities, We can be
some of the most hating and jealous people I have ever
sceene. We allowed the opposite race or even our Race
plant us against each other. Thank about this why
would you put your (figuratively) brother in prison for life when he
didn't do nothing. Why would you send figuratively
speaking your own sister. People need to deal with their
own insecurities. I have people like that in my family.
They so jealous hearted they will lie on you even start
drama because you thank you all that because you
got that house or car or all that money. They will
do something to bring destruction to you and your
family. People can be destructive in their thinking.
When they felt that they have destroyed your destiny
on purpose. They try to make you feel guilty about
something they created that was not even true.

Do you know how many situations I have been encountering all my life to feel guilty about something they said I did but I didn't do or something I was entitled to but they thought I didn't deserve it. Today is my last day that I will not be physical or mentally abused by anyone in any form. When you continue to affect my family and me. I am calling you out and telling the situation. Nobody has the authority to violate my rights and overstep their boundaries. Enough is Enough. Some people are given too much authority where they get prideful, they begin to start thinking "we can do what we want. I am in charge of this I do what I want or I am the president of this or that."

I am a firm believer in policy, procedures, rules or standards. They are in every community, prison, Department of Correction, and government. I also believe with the poly, procedures, rules, or standards there should be boundaries so the abuse of power will not enter prejudice the operation of establishment.

Amendment V (1791) How long has our Constitution been around even though the answer is right there. One of the lines "nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb." But how is in Georgia, when a life comes up in Georgia for Parole. The Parole Board contacts your District Attorney, Superior Court Judge, and Sheriff. So if these people sentence me one time. How is it you're going to keep saying I have not did enough time based off the same charges. That is double Jeopardy. I have been filing motion in the courts. Every time Judge Lanier, and Judge Chason who resided under the Judge Cato. I was on the court calendar the District Attorney refused to do an order to have me picked up for court. I am entitled to be heard and have a fair hearing. I put in motion to reduce sentence/modification.

My son and I call the clerk of court in Bainbridge, GA. because the motion had been pending a whole year. So the clear said it as in Judge Lanier's hands. We was asking question, the clerk of court named Anna was so nasty to us. Talk to us like we was trash. She was white. Finally they directed us to Colquitt, GA where the office was. So a lady answered the phone. She never gave her name. She said could I help you all. We said yes, I said , "My son called earlier about my sentence modification." She said "Yeah he is not going to be calling here cursing nobody out. I will not allow that disrespectfulness." My son said, "I didn't curse you out." He said "I was trying to see what was going with the motion, you was being nasty to me." I said "That sh__ is not right." I said to her "Some peopel can be innocent in prison."

Then I change subjects inquiring about the motion thinking I am talking to the clerk of that court. I said, "It's a certain amount of time a motion supposed to be answered." Then she said, "I don't have to grant any motion." I figured it out this was Judge Lanier disguised herself as a clerk of the court. I didn't call her name I went along with it. She said, "I got to look over that motion again." But motion was wrong, she said. Which there is a legal concern about that.

Judge Lanier is white. I am pointing out the color to say that Bainbridge, GA courts, clerks all white. I am African American. They see me as trash. They have proven through the whole case. So this harassment then stop there. I came up for parole August 01, 2021. Guess who got up the motion to reduce sentence modification, and four letters I wrote the courts inquiring and tell how I felt about the situation. It was nothing threaten or out of order. But Judge Lanier submit this in my parole hearing and the comment she made prejudice me getting out of prison.

Clearly this is a private circumstance that Judge Lanier created because I have a right not to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Any criminal case you have a right to court of law. Between Judge Lanier and Judge Chason. They have used abuse power multiple times pertaining to me. Judge Chason is the one that sign on his own recusal as the reason I have law suit pending now against Judicial Qualification Committee. Being set off for parole because I am trying to fight. My case is not fair ro me or my children. Judge Lanier, and whoever District Attorney is saying I have not rehabilitated because I am trying to go back to court. So I have done enough time based on that. I got set off to October 2023.

The abuse power is operating through the parole by allowing the same people who sentence us to double jeopardize us lifer. Everything I been told to do I've did that and above what they wanted. Because I wanted to better myself. But when you have people who has rules to put people lives in harm's way of being sentence over and over again in the name of "you haven't done enough time." You are giving the judges, District Attorney, and Sheriff too much authority. Over and over again this use for not paroling individuals who are ready for society but are held based on the Board has considered your case in accordance with Board policy and denied parole. The main reason cited by the Board, often a review of the totality of your case, is insufficient amount of time served to date given the nature and circumstances of your offense(s). You are encouraged to continue your rehabilitative efforts so you will be properly prepared to succeed in the event a future consideration results in your transition back into society. Your statutory parole eligibility status remains intact. And your case will be reconsidered by the Board during October 2023 in accordance with board Rul 475-3-95.

This next situation that prejudice my parole make me sick to my stomach. Why would any official go to any length to try keep you in prison because you wrote a letter to the commissioner talking about the condition of the state prison. As inmates we can write the commissioner based on standard operation procedures pg15-16 of Doc Privileged mail:
You may write uncensored and sealed letter to the following officials:
-The Governor
-The Lt. Governor
-Members of the General Assembly of Georgia
-The president and vice president of the United States and members of the United States Congress
-The commissioners of the Department of Corrections, and the Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Females Services
-Department of Corrections inmates affairs, Internal affairs
-Members of the State Board of Corrections
-Any press organization
-Any other Government Agency
-The courts
-Your attorney of records: This category shall include an attorney, licensed to practice in State of United States Courts, Court of Appeals, or the Supreme Court, with whom the inmates has had or is attempting to establish an attorney-client relationship.
So this is a privilege.

2019, suddenly the court member came to my dorm to get me but I had went to chow. When I got back the cert said come go with me. I kept asking "Am I in trouble." She said, "No you alright." For sure, I don't cause these problems. But they consider you a problem when you write Grievance or outside the prison cause they ain't listening. That is your rights as inmate pg. 53 The Department of Correction grievance procedure SOP11B05-001 has been developed to provide you with a meaningful opportunity to resolve issues, problems, and complaints. A grievance is a written complaint by an inmate on their own behalf regarding a policy applicable within your assignment, a condition in your work or housing unit, an action involving (effecting) you or an incident or occurring within the prison which ad a direct and specific impact on your. pg. 54 any condition, policy, procedures, action, or lack therefore that affects inmates and is in the control of the Department of Corrections, other than those listed above, may be grieved. The computation of sentences is specifically included in issues that may not be grieved. #? not withstanding the above, any grievance alleging retaliation, misconduct or harassment is grievable regardless of the form.

Now back to the situation I encountered 2019 so the cert member came to get me. I was like where am I'm going. She said your not in trouble. So she said come go with me. As we walk went toward Administration Hall that would be the Warden Office or a Deputy Warden of care and treatment. So we entered the hall. Once I got near the office I was handcuff taken into the Warden at the time which is retired now but that Deputy Warden of Security is still here. He step out and said let me go see something. He came back with a letter in his hand. It was the letter I wrote to the commissioner. The Warden said Is this your handwriting I said yes ma'am. The Warden begins to read some of the letter. The Deputy Warden of Security and the Warden begin to talk back in forth. Deputy Warden of Security talking about you wrote my commander in chief this about me. He said I ought to ship you. I said I am close to my elderly family. Then Warden said nah I got something better for her she don't deserve to make parole. I said I come up soon. She said you ain't read to go back out there. I was told something wrong with my mind for trying to get help and exposing what was going on at the prison when its my right as an inmate that I can contact the commissioner.

I know people probably say why didn't you file a grievance or contact the internal affairs pertaining the harassment. They would have open my mail again. It's this particular inmate room I was living in was working up front with the Wardens. She got mad one day because I locked the door for count. Which was supposed to be locked. This inmate went up their got me move less than 20 minutes. AT Kairo's I tried to talk to the deputy Warden of care treatment. She said out her mouth. The upper staff moved you that means the warden chose sides with this inmate because she works up there for her. During this meeting about the letter to the commissioner it was in there. The Warden said that inmate worked out their own the lawn She don't work for me. Then she called the Deputy Warden of Care Treatment. The Warden I have inmate Jennifer Johnson in my office. She said that you said I moved this inmate. Deputy Warden care treatment said I said the counselor move her. That was not true.

Ever since that inmate got me moved less than 20 minutes. The rooms I have been staying in and the other inmates feel they can bully and mistreat me because nobody ain't going to do nothing because they don't like me. The Staff put this precedent by moving me based on a manipulative and drug wing inmate. Everybody knows this inmates is really bad news. But she manage to escape what she do.

I believe this Deputy Warden of Security wrote a bad report pertaining to my parole out retaliation because I wrote his commander in chief. I am not a problem inmate. These people can't tell I am even on the compound. But I believe he lied and said I don't know how to follow rule, which is far from the truth. Opening my mail to the commissioner was wrong. In the midst of all this my name has been ruin based you have to watch her, her kind ain't right. I have my mind. Nobody deserves to be harassed or retaliated against.

But clearly this whole situation was wrong on the official behalf and then you tarnished my chance of parole. My parole hearing should be reinstated and I should be given a date to go home. Because no official or judge should not have the authority to hold it against you because you trying to get back to court or you write the commissioner. Harassment and retaliation should never be allowed in the prison or course. That is getting over into civil rights violations.

When I see the parole board June 25, 2021 I was sincere and exhausted emotionally I had anxiety attacks for two weeks. There was nothing fake about my hearing. But I notice something at the end of my hearing. The area I was in was very tight behind that table not too much room to move. So when I got up I stumbles because the table cloth, etc. But parole investigator lady look strange at me. Trust me I don't do drugs or drunk behind these. I try not to get much education as possible. Right now it's difficult because this is the month my family died of breast cancer, which is fresh just last year, my baby Joshua, plus my daughter sick covid and niece has flu. I suppose to be home taking care of family and helping people in the community. My character has spoke through my whole incarceration.

A dear friend of mine's just left for the halfway house after 25 years. She said to me, I was denied 9 times. This individual is a role model inmate. She didn't get DR and she's in college classes. She said I believe I was denied because I kept trying to get back into court. She said it wasn't my victim because they was pushing for my release. Why is it that Georgia inmates be held at fault by the District Attorney, parole board and judges because inmates are trying to go back to court. How is that deemed that you haven't done enough time in prison?

Written by
Jennifer Johnson

[[Attached letter from the State Board of Pardons and Paroles]]
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S.E.
Floyd Building, Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909

Terry Barnard, Chairman
Jacqueline Bunn, Esq. Vice-Chair
Brian Owens, Member
David Herring, Member
Meg Heap, Member

October 18, 2021



The Board has considered your case in accordance with Board policy and denied parole.

The main reason cited by the Board, after a review of the totality of your case, is insufficient amount of time served to date given the nature and circumstances of your offenses(s).

You are encouraged to continue in your rehabilitative efforts so you will be properly prepared to succeed in the event a future consideration results in your transition back into society.

Your statutory parole eligibility status remains intact and your case will be reconsidered by the Board during October 2023 in accordance with Board Rule 475-2-05.


Christopher L. Barnett
Executive Director of Parole
Clemency Division

cc: Warden
Inmate Administration


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elrose2 Posted 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

I can feel your frustration at being punished for attempting to get help and get a court date. I know words are easy, but I hope that you can hold onto hope that the next parole review will result in a return to your family.

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