Jan. 14, 2022

Update from death row

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 12/29/2021 6:47:15 AM

December 29, 2021

Dear BTB followers.

Greetings! Here's the latest news from Florida's death row and the FDOC. After writing that December 10th email to Senators Brandes and Pizzo like always I've allowed the officers to read it. Because the changes I'm trying to make is not only to better the lives of the inmates, but staff as well. Because if we root out the corruption, then we're going to be left with officers that have honor and integrity. So several officers after reading this, have informed me that our new Secretary of the Florida Dept of Corrections is friends with our Warden here at UCI. They've even said you better be careful what you're writing. Well last Wednesday December 22, 2021 I found out that Secretary Dixon called up here and spoke with several people. I don't know what the call was about. But I have a suspicion that it was about my email that has been sent to the Senators and posted online. I say that because on Tuesday December 28, 2021 the below email from Secretary Dixon showed up on our tablets. And when you read my email to the Senators and Secretary Dixon's email it seems he's addressing my concerns. Read it for yourself. I don't know how many other men and women are doing what I'm doing? I hope a lot. But I doubt it. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if I'm the only one making waves. I'm not left being ensure or with good feelings. In fact I'm concerned that there's going to be more retaliation over what I've posted. Trusting these people, well they've shown me that it's not a wise decision. Actions always speak louder than words. And the actions of the FDOC have always been loud and clear. So all we can do is hope for the best, and expect the worse. Because out of this Dept has always come the worst. But let's remember to never give up the good fight. God bless you all.

In peace and love Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974

From Secretary Dixon to FDOC inmate population 12/28/21

As many of you heard, Secretary Inch retired in December and I was appointed as your new Secretary of Corrections. I want to be direct and address any questions you may have about me, especially considering I came up through the security ranks within this system. As you may imagine, I have a very strong appreciation for our staff and the challenges they face. My support for them will be unwavering, except for any staff member who fails to meet the ethical expectations of their job and anyone who does not abide by our code of conduct. Along those same lines, inmates who mistreat staff or each other will experience swift and certain disciplinary action in the form of administrative or criminal prosecution as appropriate.

However, I believe our agency should offer you every opportunity for success. Secretary Inchs goals and mine, relative to improving your lives during and after incarceration, are one in the same. I know that it is our legal and moral obligation to provide opportunities for personal growth for each of you, and I take that obligation very seriously.

Your Wardens and I will be working closely with our Programs and Re-Entry Section, the Florida Foundation for Correctional Excellence, PRIDE, volunteer groups, and others to bring every program possible behind our fences for you to take advantage of as you work toward personal growth.

You can do your part and improve your chance for success by simply taking advantage of programs and educational opportunities while incarcerated...as opposed to just doing time.

I am excited about the success of our Short Sentenced Correctional Institutions, Inmate Mentoring Programs, and Incentivized Prisons and I plan to continue expansion of these great opportunities as we encourage more and more of you to take part in them.

The bottom line is for this to work for all of us, we must agree to partner together. Your end of the deal is simply cooperative behavior and program participation. My end of the deal is to expand opportunities for each of you. I commit to you to hold up my end of the deal and I ask you to do the same.

Ricky D. Dixon


Florida Department of Corrections


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