March 4, 2022

Dear Eric

by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)


Dear Eric...

Hello my son, I pray this finds you well + in good spirits? I received a pay. Come from you yesterday the 1st of Feb, let me know if I can give you some information that I'm sure you were never told, where you were born in Sharpstourn Hosp. June 5th, 1982. We couldn't take you home due to the way your birth was, see Eric. We were at your mom's mother town House on dad + mom were there, my dad, Rip says, take Cherclyn see how long it you to get there. We were only 5 mins away... As we parked we're walking up to the front your mom Cherclyn thrown up... As we as we walk her water breaks, so as we grab the nearest room a nurse comes in I state we are registered here + I tell her she threw up + her water broke. She pulled up her dress says give me four fingers, I tell her Eric is coming... As we're told you had the imbil. cord around your neck and you had passed a stool... so you were in destress state... After they wheeled mom into the ER Room I heard your cry... they saidwe had found out that it was to be a boy... As the time we got to take you home my parents invited us to stay at louis[?] At well dr[?] it's where I grew up Eric, yes it was truly special, ask your mom Eric... As I had you laying on the den's carpet just me + you my boy... I felt your ears I smiled because your ears are same as mine, on the back of one it's flat... the other is rounded? the right on my ear is flat + the other is rounded?

I knew you were my son. I've loved you + your mom 1st day Eric... We were driving looking at houses my mom + dad in front seat + me + your mom in the back I seen a for sale sign... I said out loud Eric Rose Alexander... As I had my hand on you... I felt a kick... Cherclyn said you want to name him Eric Royce I said yes if it's a girl Erica Renee...
My dad said that's a strong name... it's how you became who you are Eric...

See Eric there is a lot I know even not being with you, I once wrote you step-dad Dom[?] tucker... his wife Angela we found a ph. # your mom had an ad out that a friend of mine who became my rd wife, Sy Luis Ann Joplin... her son found you on myspace? Which lead us to dom and Angela.

Ask you mom Eric where your mom and dom meet? See I know you asking dom who cheated... he said he did... Your mom Eric is scared you will ask me? This is why she refuses to let oyu see or give me your whereabouts. You were 2 yrs old the last time I held + kissed you... Ask your mom... she told me you peaked over her shoulder as you seen my name?

Tell me Heric how is Conner? Do you see him? How is Emma your mom's daughter?

I am no longer on Death Row. In 2012 I was given a reversal. In 2015 I signed for life...

Maybe one day we can have a visit, I'll tell you everything. Ok my son... I love you + have you in my heart too... I'll never stop til I hold you again Eric my future is you Eric Royce my mom + dad Rip... You're all my life Eric it's hard to swallow right now but once we see + talk you will know I'm your father + I'll never stop loving you... [heart]

I don't know where you read + seen my address maybe one day I do hope you can read this, do ask your mom why... she will tell you... I married you mom in a Baptist Church in Houston. We Honeymooned in Mexico... Ask her... Would you like to have a video visit? If yes send me your address + I'll put you on my visit list... You might have to send your copy of birth certificate so I can put son?

I love you my son... I want you to know I'll never stop... take care... smile ok... Send me a photo of you + Conner ... Are you married?

Love + Hugs
Guy... Your father [smile]


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FatherJohn Posted 6 months, 4 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 6 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite

This is wonderful news! After looking for your son all these years, in the end it was him that found you! Many people have helped you scour the internet for his presence, and finally your prayers have been answered. I am very happy for you and hope that he sees your message. Good for you! No, great for you! My prayers are that he opens the door to a greater role in his life for you.

Father John
March 9, 2022

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