March 27, 2022

This year is a season of solidarity

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


This year is a season of solidarity

Securing the right kind of solidarity can be strong force. I personally define it as moving with a purpose to secure an ideal, place, person, or thing. The Webster dictionary states it's a union of interest, purpose or sympathies among members of a group: fellowship of responsibilities and interests, This word simply means action with a purpose. Someone may look at that word say I have a right [to] secure what I want to make solidarity. No that is wrong. Example of that would be Putin bombing Ukraine. With this situation, nobody has thought his country and authority. When this first happened, I thought about what uncertainty Russia is facing? Is Putin himself facing uncertainty of some type. You can take this to the bank. I've watched in over and over through leaders. How they react when they are facing uncertainty. What do you think it is with Putin, his person life or the position? When leaders get that uncertainty about themselves they do not care. The ones they oppose, is getting ready to be nasty. I really wanted to believe that Putin didn't have nothing to do with our systems being hacked into during election etc. The proof is in the pudding. Dursnake[?] has poked his whole head out. With the venom spreading. I sat and thought about the attack Ukraine. I prayed about it. Say you walked up on a snake pit. The adult and baby snakes are there. Adult snakes sense you are there. They begin to crawl out of the hole ready to attack. Would you kill on the adult snakes and leave the babies to live. Or would you kill all them. Mind you these are poisonous snakes. I survey some people to get their ideas. Some said they will kill them all. I said even the baby snakes. My surveyor said most definitely some of the babies are more poison than the adults. I was like wow. My answer to the argument is I would have killed them all. Cause the babies can grow up to be dangerous as well. The way I see Russia invade Ukraine. Putin is the python. He has sent his babies into Ukraine to destroy them. Everybody is talking about this invasion. There is war going on in Ukraine. Russian snakes all in the air and on the ground. Why the python sits in comfort giving orders. While every day the Ukraine people is suffering. It time for this foolishness to stop. Why haven't the military went after Putin. Bump setting around talking about it. You're going to let this python live to continue to do horrific war crimes. Why haven't this man been arrested? I sympathize with Ukraine people. I've also been praying for them. People this who situation is sad and certainly wrong. What if this was the Russia people having this problem? They would want somebody to help them. But instead I heard the Russian people is saying this fake news about what is happening Ukraine. These individuals has been brainwashed by Donald Trump the populist. You see that is the problem with the Russian people and their leader Putin. Trump was their guy. He wouldn't sanction them. Everybody was considered friend to each other. Now we got a new sheriff in town name President Biden. They don't like it. He will show them no this is not how we going to do things. So they went after Ukraine hoping we would get in it. President Biden did the right thing. Their are more ways to fight it. Remember this, a battle cannot be won until you uproot what cause it. Many of these battle has come to surface as a result from the past President Trump. He planted a seed in people that contributed to wrong belief Every time I hear election fraud or fake news. I cringe because that is a lie started by Trump. Their has been investigation concerning our election. All claims that the election was a fraud was false. Our journalist and news report does great jobs risking their lives just to get us the stories going on. I am speaking to the people who are still on that Donald Trump bull crap. Today we going to turn around these negative people mindset. Here is a food for thought. The mouth can be used either as a weapon or a tool, hurting relationships or building up. Sadly, it is often easier to destroy than to build and most people have received more destructive comments than those that build up. Every person you met today is either a demolition site or a construction opportunity. Your words will make a difference. Will they be weapons for destruction on tools for construction? I would choose tools for construction because its front fail secure solidarity. I want to speak things that bring life to a persons spirit. Why we on that note, sometime I am silent on my blog for a reason. I believe in praying before I speak. That way I can talk on important point that will overtake you with good. Whether its something you need or just need to know about something in general. I believe their is a season for everything. For one it maybe their summertime in their life where they are. Soo happy. Another person it may be your fall where their is no heat and it's cool. You almost got the job only to find out the answer is no. Then they maybe somebody in their winter season. Where you lost everything. Don't have no money to pay bills. It's seem like everything is frozen under you. SO much till you don't know who to turn to or where to go. My final person is in their spring season where you only see a little fine in your life. You made a couple of bucks but it was enough. The person is waiting on their summer to come. Everyone has their season of something. How do you find this secured solidarity in your life. It could be a job, finances, relationships or just to be happy. You know what that something is in your life. People it's time to get your grove back.


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