June 24, 2022

Of Lo🖤e

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date 6/18/2022 9:03:34 PM
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[evolution of poem series]


BY: Ras Uhuru ©\®™
Mr.Norman C Green, Jr


1. Superlative LO♥E is like the Sequoia lying on the forest floor.

2. It's as messy as all the decay that lie around it,
slowly rotten away,
vermin burrowing into it's cavernous soul like the vermilion do.

3. Moss over run it's length, mushrooms picnic on top of it,
like a fourth of July,
Some of it's branches purtrude like a "GIaNT",
praying to be revised.

4. Big Bear's come by and scrathh their backs and rest upom o.
like a hot spot at a local eatery

5. Frogs leap around it, as if searching for "Princess's to Kiss,
and wake from a sleeping slumber.

6 Other unfallen Sequoia stand guard by for their turn.

7. Just as LIFE is given,
it is taken away.

8. And just like the Sequoia
No one "see" them fall and
No one see them stand,
as they have been,
thousands ago.

9. And as to LO♥E...
Real Lo♥e turns superlative by experience and sacrifice,
unselfishness. and Perfect Lo♥e, is Lo♥e supreme.

And that, I call the "SEQUOIA OF LO♥E"

see more by this writer: google: "Uhuru's Pen"

stay F♣cus, Stay Lo♥ed.


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