July 10, 2022

The Fragile Mind

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 6/22/2022 6:36:02 AM
The mind is a very fragile organ which has been studied by humans for thousands of years. And to this day we still do not completely understand it. And so when putting the mind into extreme conditions of solitary confinement we are basically testing the individuals ability to hold on to his or her sanity. And that's what taking place here on Florida's death row. Judge Marcia Morales Howard issued her Order Granting relief back in April. And as of today, the relief has caused more harm than good. Because us men who are enduring these harsh and harmful conditions, was looking forward to Monday May 9 when some of the pressure of this cage and these conditions would be taken off of us. When it didn't it added to the stress and anxiety of this cage ten hold. For they sold us a dream, gas us hope and then snatched the rug from under our feet. There is nothing more cruel and inhumane than playing these psychological games with the human mind. And the Florida Department of Corrections did this when they gave us hope putting out a false statement to the court where they said that "irrespective of COST of STAFFING ISSUES or anything else, the FDC must provide the day rooms, out-of-cell time, and all other relief." And then what do they do? Well used staffing as an excuse. So the FDOC lied to us and the court! Showing that they can't be trusted. We inmates knew that the Florida Department of Corrections is nothing but a bunch of liars. But we thought the Court's Order would carry some type of weight. We thought the FDOC may comply, especially when their attorneys made that statement to the Court. Now we're all sitting here stressed out dealing with serious side effects of this damn case waiting on the FDOC's Attorney's to file some phony Motion with their fraudulent excuses of why they lied to us and the Court. And that's all they will put forward to the court is another boldface LIE!!! Yes this is the Florida Department of Corruption at its best, showing no mercy and having no compassion for the men and women who their torturing in solitary confinement as they thumb their nose at this Court Order. God have mercy for the Florida Department of Corrections has none.

Regretfully Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974
Tuesday June 21, 2022


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