Aug. 4, 2022

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by Chuck Thompson (author's profile)
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Open Letter 2022
(April 16, 2022)


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Howdy, lolly,
you can write me on I get it within 24-26-48 hours over weekends. The blog is really only for comments. They were kind enough to forward your four page letter : OP

I am into receiving Magic card copies. The newer catalog booklet sets 2020 and up. Very interested in your 2017 Amonket set! I can receive books, mags from Amazon, yes. Shipped directly to me here. My name #999306.

You're getting my mail in 3-4 weeks, huh? Mail's slow.

Tablets are coming but delayed in Polunsky at the moment. Sadly it's looking like November, they say? High hopes for sooner installment. It's over 1/2 finished.

I see you are frisky and full of life! Love that too! When ya coming to Texas in 2023? Get to planning a trip! HA!

If it has a motor, I ride it. I ski on anything. That's how we do it in the dirty South! Boogie boarding behind a boat is great fun too!

I get e-letters on, yes. 56 lines, standard size page. Write LOADS!

Your crush on Jack Wild (Dodger) is now public info. Whoops! This blog's comments is for all to read! D'oh! I didn't do it! LOL you went all in (Love that, BTW).

Looking for a Jpay e-letter from you in weeks ahead. Sweet dreams of TX and USA trip! We gonna rock this, better than Indy, wilder than T3.

So, ya liking ya new job, aye, lil missy! Cool!

Stay safe, be well, write soonies! Loads of BIG TX HUGS XXXX YA TEXAN Bad Boy.



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