Sept. 14, 2022

Final corrections

by Childeric Maxy (author's profile)


Date: 8/30/2022 3:39:10 PM
Subject: Final Corrections

While Prison profiteering is been mentioned in diverse ways, and in diverse prison newsletters. Guess what? We probably have Prison Profiteering right in this system, keep on reading, you'll see. I have been waiting for an article to be written about the latest news on the issue of electronic tablets for prison inmates across the country. Since I haven't seen it, I'm writing this article that I wished somebody would have written to bring light on that issue, so bare with me, and if there's anything that I've missed, will someone post it either on this site or on one of the prisoner-accessible sites?
In the beginning, USA TODAY have written many articles from around 2015 to 2017 on "inmates tablets" the pros and cons, and USA Today is where I first saw it and started to read about it in the paper; the benefits for inmates, and the paybacks for the DOCs around the country. I want to thank USA TODAY's staff writers for pushing the issue that made it easier for most prisoners to have tablets in their possession, because it was an important issue for us inmates; this is almost as important a claim that could be based on the first Amendment rights of an inmate, and most importantly, it continues to be a First Amendment right. I haven't seen any new reports on the development of how tablets affect the inmates today. SO I am going to write something on the effects and challenges of the use of the tablets in the Wisconsin DOC and the possible violations that may exist! If you see something that I haven't, please speak up; or write it up because this new electronic protocol is rich, and the legal and personal ramifications; and the First Amendment is right in the middle of it all.
We inmates must know that we have the right to read and write on the tablets, whether emails or otherwise, as long as the writings does not pose a threat to someone, or breaking administrative rules. One of the problems that we inmates in Wisconsin experienced in the use of the tablets is the "blocking" of text-editors, like the clock, or editors in games like the OpenSudoku where we can write texts, to copy and paste and save these texts; again as long the texts are not a threat to someone, we should be able to write them. But we know that DOC officials said that "it is the vendor" whose doing this, at least that's what I've been told. Another concern that I have is RACHEL!


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