Oct. 18, 2022

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by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)
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Oct 5 2022 Reply ID- aqw6

Dear Btb's,

Hi, I'm once again...

Dear Just Curious I,

I write my son as if I', writing him directly, but here is the deal who is Just Curious I, reveal to me whom you are, I've got my suspicions who you are but I'm not sure you have missed it but why are all of the sudden you change the story about me writing my son to me? You wish to know my world that I live in
Guy S. Alexander #1996573
French Robertson
Unit 12071 FM 3522
Abilene TX 79601

Here is where you can write to me. I prefer to write to you personally thru this blog? I'll answer all your questions once I see your postal letter. Is this ok?
Here are some questions you can answer:
1. Are you an attorney?
2. How open-minded are you>
3. Do you live in a house or apt?
4. Is this the 1st time you wrote Btb?
5. Have you been in prison? Jail?
6. Have you been married?
7. You have hobbies?
8. What does (forever) remind you of someone?
9. How familiar are you with the county Harris?
10. What does stalking tell you?

Clarify me this, its you lead my except July 2016 2021, what do I say in it? "In the neros". Do I speak about my son + grandson no I don't? So aqw6 explain to me why your so concerned about my wellbeing? I understand a lot of things like ones who say they have been following someone for thirty plus years. Was married but then again not? Why are you so fascinated about a man you never been a friend to? I don't want to use words to describe who you are, you can tell me in details like you do as you again ask "what's life like for me behind bars?" Write me, if you dare. See I'm not easily shocked, I can share with you some prison when I first got here they also had men that were gay, you know homosexuals when I would go to shower its a communal type shower where everybody is naked... walking and talking, but you had some that would be looking and watching other naked men, freely master-baiting... Yes as you're washing they watch you.. So being turs I'm like you ask me? Questions so how am suppose to answer? Tell me about just curious I? You found me how? Where?

To my son whom I love with all my heart and soul... I realize you don't know me, you were only 2 yrs old the last time I held you and hugged you and kissed you, I also still remember you saying "daddy"... I want to be in your life, Connor too, I know you read these letters I write, you asked doy your step father a question who cheated, your mom is scared you will ask me it too> You have been in love and have kids, you know love is the issue... it was the same with me and your mom Eric... I today still love and care about Cherilyn... but there is more to it than love that holds a family together you know this right, soon Eric Tdjc will be giving us "tablets", when you pay me I'll be able to pay you the same day me and your mom fell out of love for each other... Listen to your heart, if you want to write me talk to me tell me what you drive? What kind of music do you listen to? Are you married? Is Conner your only son? How old is he? Send me some pictures of you and him, your wife too? I want to send you something for Christmas but I need an address? What size shoes do you wear? I'm 6'2 tall I'm 255lbs, I wear a size 11 1/2... What did you do on your birthday? Do you still draw dragons? Can you draw me some?
Guy S. Alexander #1996573
French Robertson
Unit 12071 FM 3522
Abilene TX 79601
Did your mom tell you I came up with Eric Royce Alexander. I seen a for-sale sign its era- were in the car yoyur mom next to me I say if he's a boy Eric Royce Alexander. If its a girl Erica Renee! Think about what I've said ok, I'll close, take care my son, all the kisses and hugs... I love you... and care about you forever...

your dad... with love!



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