Jan. 20, 2023

Open Letter for 2023

by Charles Thompson (author's profile)



Greetings to all. Trust this finds you in good spirits, health, and good will. Texas stands strong as always.

It's come to the attention of us prisoners in Texas Dept. Criminal Justice, the Row will not receive the same treatment as other states have provided their death rows with regard to the tablets.

We are denied all free content, no movies/TV subscriptions, no games, no podcasts, no free content at all. Not even the Pando App for church and religious programming!

That is a shame that the stigma and hate among TDCJ's administration towards us exists in this day and age, to date...

We are death sentenced. As an ole convict, it has always been clear understanding that when you pay the ultimate price, you are then even with the state, society, and the House. You have upon your death paid your sentence.

So why is it that we have been treated in such a discriminatory manner? Why is that hate, the essence of revenge, disgust exists towards us in a professional capacity?

It stems from the old stigma of the labels society has put upon its criminals. Being labeled the worst of the worst, when the fact is that some of the worst cases reside living moving freely around the general population in all Texas prisons!

I do not judge my brothers in white, least I be judged. But we are judged every day, despised, and told lies. The row was fed lies for 22 years since putting us into solitary confinement (March 2, 2000). The day we came to Polunsky Unit from Ellis One.

It is a fact that several death rows have sued; at least a dozen now have won and have been taken out of solitary confinement. It's a fact federal law clearly states: the same opportunities for outdoor recreation as regular prisoners must be afforded to death row. Long periods of confinement without the opportunity to recreate outdoor constitutes cruel and unusual punishment under the 8th Amendment of the US constitution. Prolonged isolation has many detrimental effects on the human psyche. It's a fact that it has caused harm to the subject isolated. Many studies exist

See inside a supermax: www.hmprisonservice.gov.uk/assets/documents/100043E 5 Inside_a_supermax.pdf

American Correctional Association (TX is governed by) has a treaties out on the issue: refencing standard #4-4249.

In Texas a house bill that would have directed TDCJ to submit an annual report to legislature about use of solitary confinement and to establish a plan to improve conditions of confinement for those prisoners in solitary FAILED! (2011) See H.B.3764 (https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/82R/billtext/html/HB03764H.htm)

Texas has continued to fail or review or change anything since.

The ACLU and other groups refuse to help us get out of solitary. As evolving standards of decency United Nations standards require, I dissent...

Disgusted in Texas,


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