April 3, 2023

I Live in a Zoo Too!

by Charles Thompson (author's profile)


I Live in A Zoo too!

If I told you the life in a cage is lonesome and sad, why would it make you glad? You came to the Zoo to see me in a fake habitat. Its fun for your children, because its educational and an eye opening experience.

Question what you teach them later in life...? that caging a wild animal is wrong? Is that fact ignored (often). Later in life we take our children to the zoo. They enjoy the sights, it's educational indeed. Cheaper than going on safari to see the lions, tigers, gorillas. BUT is is right?

You as an individual have to ask this question... is caging any living being right? Treating any living creature as lesser than worthy of its basic freedoms to move around, cohabitate, have basic instinctual communications with others of its type. To belong, to feel the pressure of others in its tribe.

We as a society treat human beings less than human, so why is it any consolation that animals are treated substandard? This is a question we all should ask every day.

As a voice for the voiceless I SPEAK! I ROAR! I YELL! It's wrong!!!!!! to feel so lonesome, so deprived of any contact, to be isolated... is not right. Nothing about the way we are looked in in these cages feels right. It feels subhuman.

Would you like to try the food pellets animals in the zoo are fed every day? I bet your dog or cat would turn its nose up at it without a second sniff or glance?

People in prison are fed slop every day. Since when did food become a form of punishment? It is in prisons around USA every day. Would it surprise you to learn that food loaf is a ligit form of punishment in Texas prisons when your on disciplinary. It is a food bread loaf that has no substance or nutritional value to it. It's disgusting!

If you read studies on humans left in solitary to waste away for decades...they all prove these humans come out psychologically damaged. Forever traumatised!

Imagine if you will what it does to an animal? How it effects its basic primal abilities to hunt, feed itself, care for its young! The loss of its drive, its will to live. In gorilla preserves and rehabilitative habitats they have to spend countless hours nursing them back to healthy behaviours. To reteach them to exist in the wild. NOT all make it! Why? Cause they have been mentally traumatised by being locked away in a cage, deprived of contact, environment, food etc. The deep long lasting effects are a mystery to us still. Any mind is a mysterious thing to fathom. What is the process of its thoughts? Does it digress to its instinctual form... recall what its mother taught it as a cub? How to feed itself?

It's proven that many species have these issues and challenges once released back into the wild. They are mistreated, forgotten and abused. I for one can relate!

I find myself forgetting my families birthdates! Effects of prolonged solitary confinement. It traumatises the psychie the minds never the same.

I live every day feeling the inhumane treatment animals endure.
They deserve a voice too.

In solidarity, Chuck


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