June 14, 2023

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by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)
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(July 16, 2021)


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May 24, 2023

Dear Garage Band, "Junkiel"
That's an odd name. Why all this? Why not tell me who you are? Are you afraid or shy?

You remind me of one that wrote me before. This one told me he was a lawyer for 30 plus years he followed my case...

You seem to have your story wrong. These troopers who were sitting in a booth. One turned, looked at men, then cut his eyes at my license plate. He then picked up his radio. That's when I left. But as I punched the gas, the car stalled. I had no recourse. The car's steeling also bailed. But you sure know a lot about my case.

Why? You a reporter? You're trying to get a story?

Why don't you e-message me instead? You can send me a stamp to allow me to reply. Even tell me who you are.

No one followed me out the McDonald's(?). Are you a pervert? It's okay, you can share with me.

You seem to know what was in the newspapers, but do you want the real news?

So if I had taken more time, what do you think? So you think Lamb chased me? He was where? At the McDonald's or somewhere else? Where were you if you saw them handcuffing me. Then you're a cop? So tell me, Junkiel, why are you asking? Don't have much to do in a day but chase bad guys? Tell me: you live in Pascagoula, Mississippi? Where was I going?

If you want to know, e-message me @ securustech.net. Send me a photo of you? It's okay, I'm not a cop either! But I'm not your normal man.

You want me to tell you a secret? Back in 2022 I got in these big white ENU's from Gulfmark Inc. Do you know anything about mineral rights?

So what else do you want to know? I'm on Wireofhope.com, I'm on Betweenthebars.org. You know about me? So tell me about yourself. You're shy or afraid? Why? I'm not who I was then. One can change. :) smile

Write me, send me a "stamp" or put $$ on my tablet. You can go to podcast!

Please publish BetoBars.org



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