Nov. 10, 2023
by Milo Rose (author's profile)


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Rose, Milo #090411
PO Box 23608
Tampa, Florida 33623

Good Morning Sis,
There's the snail mail address and thank you for the much needed and appreciated funds!!!! I do not blame you for being being cautious and heeding the warnings of being conned - nor do I hold, you being highly sensitive against you - I am a stranger and dreamer with all sorts of visions - who has been locked in a cage for over forty years - there is a very little normal about me that an average person can relate to ! Hell - how many people do you know who have lived among hundreds - if not thousands of convicted murderers for over forty years ??? You have experienced somewhat how difficult it has been for me to try and explain my situation and circumstances in seeking help as an innocent man on Florida's death row - how many dead ends have you come across in the short time we have known each other ??? I have tried to explain that I have repeatedly traveled down all the conventional avenues open to me in seeking help, but that I am the odd ball - since I do not fit the mode of the average convicted killer and have different wants and needs - I have given you credit for how much you have learned - for example no body wants to help until a death warrant has even signed - In the past I wrote three different Governors - requesting they sign my death warrant - since I learned I wasn't going to receive help from any of the anti death penalty groups until my death warrant was signed... How do I explain that the attorney's mandated by Florida law to provide me with diligent and zealous representation are only a facade and are the reason my innocence hasn't been effective argued by them in the courts and that I have repeatedly been left to try and point this out to the courts and anyone willing to listen - with no success !!! How do you think after forty plus years of going in circles - I feel??? And here I am once more trying to get you to see and understand what I just shared with you... If it sounds unconciousable - that is because it is!!! Even after you read this it won't sink and we will travel in circles - with me trying to explain over and over how dire my situation truly is and that in the forty plus years I been living this mightmare I have repeatedly tried every conventional avenue open to me with little to no success... Which is the definition of insanity... So, now I am a little depressed as my motives and intentions are once more being questioned. I offered you the opportunity to share in my dream and I am smiling as the vicious cycle of my insane world slaps me in the face once more... I do not blame you and give you all the credit in the world for your efforts to comprehend and help improve my conditions - thank you - you are a rare breed... Which is why - I have had very little success with the conventional pen pal sites open to me - I do not fit into the norm and why I say - I live in an insane asylum - my little world does not conform to the overall picture - making me the odd man out...
I hope I have answered your questions, but know from experience how frustrating all of this truly is to explain and I am willing to keep trying if you are !!! Love to you and for you - One Eagle - xo


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