Nov. 21, 2023

Happy Samhain from the South

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Johnny E. Mahaffey The Novelist Portent
October 31, 2023

HAPPY SAMHAIN from the South
Ancient Celtics used to burn large multi-story effigies called "wicker men" on hilltops, often filled with animals, prisoners of war, criminals, and other sacrifices.
Samhain, a.k.a. Halloween, just stands out more than other holidays. Here at the prison, we get to see a set of movies to watch that for the finally match up great with the holiday: Halloween 1 & 2; Child's Play 1, 2, 3, 4; Friday the thirteenth parts 1 & 2; Interview with the Vampire; Scream; Return of the Living Dead; and a couple of others. These are some of the best movies to watch for Samhain.
The prisons used to be run by people with sticks so far up their asses that prisoners were treated like totalitarian property, but that's eased up a lot. It's a changing world. Although, there are some communists in charge of SC and its prisons who would gladly round us prisoners up into an effigy and burn us in the name of their deity. They already blame SC prisoners for everything short of global warming. LOL
Nikki Haley, better known in the south as "Tricky Nikki" for her business ethics violations while "governor", was on the news today, begging South Carolinians for support in her efforts to betray Trump. Hilarious. It looked like about twenty people showed up at her little pre-Samhain celebration ... and nineteen of the twenty were state employees she hired herself over a decade ago. More tricksters still in position who should have long ago left to make way for democracy. Term limits are critical! We are overdue for new government, new sheriffs, new prison administration, and new school administration. You would think that Tricky Nikki's over practiced governmental shit eating grin would be enough to deter support. But somehow, she has about one percent of South Carolinians fooled. Return of the living dead, indeed.
The world is in turmoil, and those in charge are not going to save us. We must save ourselves. What's it going to take America? Biden is already taking your gas, your food, your guns, and your privacy! When will someone finally pull off his Samhain mask to reveal that this whole time, he's been laughing his ass off with one arm around China and the other embracing Russia, as they enjoy their America shaped wicker man burning on the hill.


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RavenJaws Posted 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Two things here, if you do the crime you do the time. You, out of jealousy and rage, did the crime. You admitted it, and all facts point straight to you.
You write as if a corrupt and unjust system didn't work correctly in your case. It did. I don't hate you for it, nor do I think that you should rot in jail for the rest of your life, but, as is, it's appropriate.

You also write a lot about politics. You write about how people are fools, and how democrat presidents are trash. All political figureheads have done every corrupt and awful thing they can to cut everyone down and get where they are the "top". You may know already, but the president is a puppet run by people with money and real power. This country is divided into red and blue, not right and wrong. Think independently, not by whatever you are told.

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