Nov. 21, 2023

Things I have learned while being in prison

From Wisdom from Prison by Joseph Dickey (author's profile)



When you first get to a new prison beware of the first guy who comes up to talk to you. This guy is most likely the one who everyone else has shunned and/or he wants something and by being new, you are the only guy in the place who does not know about him.

Prison... very easy to get in... very heard to get out.

You will never know the condition of someone's mental stability until you've shared a cell the size of an average bathroom with him.

Try as you might, you can never explain any of this to you family. There is only one way for them to understand it and you pray to God that they never have such an opportunity.

You might encounter a coffee cup that hasn't been washed in over 10 years.

Anything is for safe...yes I do mean ANYTHING. A spot in a line, pet lizards, crickets to feed pet lizards, bed making services, food off of your tray, TV programing time, old magazines, and of guessed

There are 186 ways to prepare a Ramen noddle soup.

There is absolutely no way to explain to your child when he is young why you here and why you can't come home.

Never ask someone about their family until you are 100% sure they did not kill all of them.

You may discover you have a knack for counting holes in a window screen or ceiling tile.

On a cold morning you will realized there is a special place in hell for whoever invented the stainless steel toilet.

A rule does not have to have a function nor does it have to make sense. It is just a rule.

You will realize you never ever appreciated anything you ever had when you were free.

Minding your own business is not only a virtue, it might also save your life.

The lower the IQ, the louder the mouth.

While some might be dreaming about having sex with someone in the free world, there is probably someone less that 30 feet away dreaming about having sex with you.

Someone who has killed numerous people will cry over someone killing his spider.

You can spend your life in here without owning anything more than a pair of shoes and a radio.

You will learn insanity has many forms.

You will see things you wish you had never seen and wish for things you might never see again.

You will think food even your Mother could not make you eat is the best food you have ever lasted.

You will learn that almost everyone, but of course not everyone has at least one redeeming quality.

You will learn you can either cry or laugh. Laughing has carried me though trails I had no idea I could survive.

Lastly... You will learn you are much stronger than you ever thought you could be.


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I would like for you to call me, Joshua Meade (662) 570-9899

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