Nov. 20, 2023

Good Morning Sis

by Milo Rose (author's profile)


Good Morning Sis,

I love you - first off - I have never communicated with anyone from my blog beyond the blog - I have no idea who that girl is you mentioned - the only real help the blog has been to me is to be like a journal I can record things in and that is what I have done for the most part - Hey - I know I have a horrible past - but I am basically the same now that I always been - only not as physically strong - it is easy to blame drugs and alcohol for past mistakes and so on - I was just an eas target in most peoples eyes - and I never ever fit in with the far right - could lay blame on all sorts of things but the reality is it came down to my color - that left most people asking what I was - meaning nationality - I didn't seem to conform to their perception of who I was supposed to be - What you probably haven't read is that I was a very good plumber - I mean one of the best - and that doesn't occur by accident - I worked my butt off trying to conform to society and be a wonderful husband and father - I worked on the most exclusive of homes and buildings in the most prestigious of areas and that doesn't happen by accident either - I made a lot of people jealous and also made a lot of high level friends (which I am sure looking out for me behind the scenes) It is easy to point to the bad and cast blame - but there was and is more good then I get credit for !!! I love Barbara, she seen the good in me and hung on to it - she was the perfect match for me in so many ways, but again in the end more people were jealous of me than understanding - I was simply to happy being me and wanting to be left alone - which wasn't easy when I seemed to always be in the spotlight !!! Here I was in an ultra conservative area with a much older white woman having the time of my life and standing out like a sore thumb - I got noticed and people were always trying to figure out who I was !!! Alright Sweetheart - all I ask of you is to judge me for who I am to you !!! How my bad ugly people can write what I just wrote about myself ??? I may have been ignorant to a lot of things going on around me but I never been stupid... Enough about me - love for who I am to you - I ask nothing more...

You are the only one I am currently corresponding with - no one else and I am happy with that, but know we need help to progress in our relationship and I am all for that - you have done your homework and I am proud of that - you have done your homework and I am proud of that - yes - I have been painted as a monster all my life, I have had to overcome peoples misconceptions of who they thought I should be - none of which matters as I seek to prove the one thing I am not is a cold blooded killer r murderer of nay kind !!! I been painted that way, but it doesn't make it true and please don't give any shyster lawyer any money Sweetheart - I am quite capable of representing myself and pointing out these facts and to bring to light the injustice I have endured all of these years - my vindication will soon follow !!!

With that - I will add this letter to my blog and call it a morning - hope to speak with you later - love One Eagle SK


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Ladyla Posted 6 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 6 months, 1 week ago   Favorite
Hello Milo. I’m a friend of your new penpal. Thank you for sharing your letters and other thoughts here. She has told me a bit about you and I learned more today as I read your blog. For instance that you are a great plumber. What a terrible system you’re caught in. How amazing you’re staying strong after all many years. I hope you keep up the fight and know many people believe you and care for you.

Milo Rose Posted 5 months, 1 week ago.   Favorite
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