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I want to address something that has been a profound problem for me, since I began to socially mingle from childhood - its called racism! I am a Native American, that grew up with a white stepfather and raised in white communities - Native Americans, define my kind as Apples - Red on the outside and White on the inside - While White People seen me as a person of color and someone to discriminate against...

Throughout my life - I have tried to figure out why I never seemed to fit in and been labeled a Misfit in many different derogatory terms - Leaving me confused and bewildered as to why people wanted to pick on and discriminate against me - Never fully understanding my White mindset didn't fit the color of my skin, and that I wasn't a person of privilege - like my White stepfather, half brothers and sister! Leaving me with mental health issues and without answers to what troubled me - even though, I knew, I wasn't White - I couldn't explain away my haunting White mindset of being privileged and struggling with being discriminated against for any reason...Having a White mindset didn't make me right in the eyes of White people! The only social community I knew, and felt I belonged to, got away with mentally and physically abusing me in mind boggling ways which always left me out numbered and in the wrong! The truth didn't matter even when it was blatantly obvious - White was right above all else...

Even today at the age of 74 years - I struggle with being discriminated against - I have been falsely imprisoned on Florida's death row for over forty years even though there is overwhelming evidence according to the letter of the law that I was framed for murder... Evidence was fabricated to make me appear overwhelmingly guilty of murder - while the exculpatory evidence that proved it couldn't have been me that committed the crime was concealed and withhold from me - causing me to stand midway through the farce and mockery of my trial to shout to the Judge and Jury that I was being railroaded - since none of the evidence being presented against me was true! Over the years since - the evidence that proves I was framed has come to light - showing without a doubt every shred of evidence used to convict me was fabricated to make me appear overwhelmingly guilty of murder and worthy of being executed - Yet - the White controlled legal system refuses to recognize the evidence that vindicates me of any kind of murder - while it effectively denies me the vindication I deserve, through discrimination that places me at odds with the adage of White is right!!!

I been told I am wrong all my life - that I am not White and not of the same privilege - I been labeled a misfit, a bad personal and mentally unstable my entire social life - so I am really not surprised no one wants to come to my aid! Sadly, the odds are, no one even after reading this will come to my aid - and I will continue to struggle with racism...


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GN22 Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

While I cannot fully relate to what you are going through, I can relate very well to the Misfit parts. I too, am a Misfit, and although I have not faced racism (yet), I have certainly met my own share of discrimination (i.e., ableism). I want to do anything I can to help you, but I realize there may not be much I can do from my stance. At least sharing your story can be helpful for you.

Still, I empathize with you sincerely and genuinely wish you the best of luck in vindicating yourself from your false crimes.

Milo Rose Posted 3 days, 19 hours ago.   Favorite
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