April 9, 2024

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by Robert Outman (author's profile)
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PO Box 5244
Corcoran, CA 93212

14 March 2024

Gail LaPurja
Sr. Paralegal
P.O. Box 390
San Francisco, CA 94104-0390

Re: Your File No. 0483-03

Dear Mr. LaPurja:

Thank you for your letter of October 19, 2023 inquiring on my M/H concerns by impetus of PLO referral. I apologize for this late reply, however, I wanted to become static before my response.

Currently, I am CCCMS status simpatico with my M/H handlers and relatively safe in my housing circumstances. This may appear "case closed" to your perspective. However, I am squarely under the sword of Damocles. In reality this is only part of a vicious cycle that is at the point of killing me. See enclosed essay BEHIND THE CURTAINS OF REHABILITATION.

During this latest cycle on December '22, I was hospitalized for a week with heart failure. During June/July '23 I was abused and harassed due to my M/H chronic PTSD symptoms and later due to my ADA physical disabilities. See enclosed essays: PRIME PRISON PREY / ADA INTIMIDATION / PUBLIC OPINION / OPINION REPLY / WE SHOULD CARE BECAUSE... / HQ DENIED 602.

At 80 years old with debilitating mental and medical health, navigating the stressors of intolerance, ageism, indifference, abuse, and being bounced from prison to prison while my pleas of mercy are ignored and/or mocked—that is a recipe for an elderly prisoner's death.

Far too long, prison staff abuse prisoners with impunity, and I believe the public needs to know. Consequently, I have begun posting these prison improprieties on the internet by evidence of the enclosed. As an old man facing state sponsored senicide, unlike my many elderly peers who have succumbed to a state of learned helplessness, with what little time I have left, I subscribe to poet Dylan Thomas's, "Do not go gentle into that good night." The plight of elderly and vulnerable prisoners within the confines of these lethal fences needs to be chronicled.

History has well proven transfers and abuse of the elderly to be dangerously contraindication to mental health and equally perilous to extensive medical comorbidities. Yet custody is completely indifferent to the fragilities of us. CASE IN POINT:

Ignoring a history of previous move consequences, I was moved October '22, CHCF to MSCP to CMF (crisis bed) to SATF (November 22) to Adventist Hospital, Bakersfield (December '22, for one week of heart failure) back to SATF to be advised transfer will be recommended at Committee (November '23). This transfer plan was intervened by my PCP's safe sentience. However, I remain in constant dread of their next assault.


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