April 12, 2024

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by Robert Outman (author's profile)
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7 MARCH 2024

[At 1600hrs, 3 March 2024 the F2 clerk handed me an order for immediate
report to work as ADA Worker, dated 27 Feb. 2024. Stunned at this
impossible order I asked for the documents to prepare a written response.
At 1830hrs the clerk demanded return of the documents with a promise
I would receive a copy. The copy was never provided. Therefore the
following is reply to the work order.]

This order to work calls for the impossible. My medical file will verify: I am
80 yrs old, DPW (wheelchair bound), have suffered multiple heart attacks, chronic
congestive heart failure causes shortness of breath, osteoarthritis is so
debilitating I need assistance putting on & off my jacket. My bed linens have
to be changed by my cellmate (see accompanied 21 September 2023 MEMO). At
my age, mobility limitations and health, it would be impossible to perform
any of the cited job requirements.

Forcing this impossible assignment on me is no less than ADA intimidation and
elder abuse. The said 21 September MEMORANDUM references an eminently qualified
prisoner for the type of work called for, which you ignored placing me in an
impossible order with threats of punishment for not doing the work.

As a CCCMS prisoner the stated and implied consequences of this egregious
action has placed an enormous and unnecessary stress burden.

It is my recommendation that you place Mr Reese in the position I can not fill.

Punishing old men to death is enough can't you do it humanely?

enc 21 September 2024 MEMO

cc: Work Assignment Office
N. Scaife, ADA Coordinator
R. Lomio, PLO
G. LaPurja, RBGG
Dr C. Wiser, M/H


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