Jan. 11, 2012

Lets Re-elect Prisident Obama

by Battites Wesley (author's profile)


7:53 AM

"Let's Re-Elect President Obama"

African people, lets do it again, unite, mobilize, come together to re-elect President Obama & 1st Lady Michelle & family!
I've heard said "he haven't did enough significance CHANGE for Black People", I say "he have and he did!" When he look in the mirror and see his self and look at his wife & children he see Africans!!!!
When we re-elect him the 2nd term then he will do better and greater significant monumental CHANGES for his/us people! such as put more Africans in powerful positions which are still in the stages as first 1st Black Attorney General of the United States, first 1st Latin Supreme Court Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He's even a first 1st African President!
Right now he had to focus on preventing a collapse of the American government and economy system and battle his fellow government parties the Republicans (100%) and Democrats (50%) because none of them had experienced working with nor under an African President since the first President George Washington 1789-97 two-hundred and eleven (211) years ago up to 2008 it was a Presidential shock to their European system, office and minds!
So they fought with him, they fought against the change/CHANGE!
Now re-elect him and you will see the CHANGE in him for the betterment of Africans in America now he could stand up and flex his power & prestige!
Speak of the racial discrimination that's perpetuated and pernicious to and upon Africans in America! In employment, housing, communities, Justice, government & bank loans, news media, attitudes etc. etc. etc...
It's reported that even before he became the President his life was been threatened with death, and when he became President "no president in history have received more death threats than President Obama!" White America has shown disrespect & disdain for his Presidency in the House of Congress a Republican Senator shouts out during his televised speech to the U.S. of A. and around the world "You're a liar", also in the House of Congress a United State Supreme Judge caught on film mumbling disdain to his speech, a white couple emblazon themselves on a state dinner given by the President - it's clear & evident Europeans do not respect his Presidency because he is the first 1st African in America President!
Re-elect President Obama, and we will see the CHANGE he envisage for us as Africans in America?
How do I know? It's divined in my mind!

God is still in the Blessing Business! Amen!

Battites The Savant!


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