April 18, 2012

The Soul of America

by Quashon Huskey (author's profile)




Hello World...I reach out to you today in reference of the horrific situation that has sent shockwaves through the country and has awoken the world.

Let me begin by saying that my heart ad condolences go out to the entire family of T Martin, especially his parents. I can't even imagine the hurt, pain and shock that you are going through. I want you to know that we, as African American Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and Grandparents all sympathize with your loss. All of America should sympathize with you but there are those feeble-minded citizens who have no heart, that still seek to show the true colors of the underbelly of our society.

The shooting death of seventeen year old Mr Martin was so senseless and disrespectful that it is hard for me to string along enough positive energy to speak out to my people. The fact that another young, talented, support black brother lost his life in most vicious, heinous act of cowardice makes it hard to believe that this is 2012 and not 1912! It is a shame tha twas still have to endure this travesty in this day and age. What is even more disrespectful is the fact that the Sanford, Florida, Police Department will not do its job and make an arrest of the coward George Zimmerman, who gunned a young Trayvon Martin because he was wearing a hoodie and looked like he was up to no good! Is that the criteria for someone to be taken away from their parents. It makes me sick to my stomach to even live in America!

The one million dollar question now is: Why isn't the shooter of this young black man in jail? Why do we as people of color have to scream, shout and protest to make the police do their job? One person is dead, and no one is locked up! Where is the justice? Is thee to be no justice for young Trayvon Martin?

The circumstances of this case is so sickening for a number of reasons, but the most glaring sickness is that Trayvon Martin was *Black* and the punk, coward George Zimmerman was *White*

Come on America, this is 2012! Do we really have to dignify, the disease that is RACISM still, even today in this so-called great nation! I find it hard to believe that if the roles were reversed and young Mr Martin would have murdered coward MS Zimmerman, we ALL know where young Mr Martin would be: Locked up in a cell, with no bed. So why isn't the shooter behind bars? When he murdered in cold blood? I have the answer: Because they still don't value *our* life, the same way they value theirs.

We people, still mean nothing to them. They have even justified the killing as *Self Defense*. By now, everyone has heard the 9-11 tape, what this weak, community neighborhood watch guy said to the dispatcher who took the call. You have heard the confrontation that then ensued between victim and shooter.

Can you tell me at what point the Self-Defense factor came into play? This was a premeditated murder, committed by a 28 year old, racist who had a problem with a black man walking in a nice neighborhood! You see what *they* think of us.

Blacks can't possibly have a means of providing a nice place of residence for their children. No, all black people must come from the hood to steal from the upscale, snooty white rich people. This is how THEY all think about US, they think we can't have anything nice for ourselves.

The bottom line is: a young black man who was beginning to grow had his life cut short by a white man attempting to play police, judge, jury and God and he is still free on account that he is white. The Justice Department is neglecting the duty that our families' tax money pays them to do.

I have a 15 year old brother who I love more than ANY other man on this planet, and I'd hate to think of what I would do if I, my mother, sister and grandmother were continually disrespected in the manner that is occurring with the family of young Trayvon Martin. This entire ordeal is a slap in the face to the black community as a whole. This could have been any one of our son, brother or cousin. This is something that should never happen in today's world. People, this situation has set our nation back one hundred years. This should really open our eyes to the plight of us and our people! We are one, and what they do to one, they WILL do to another. Don't believe me? Check the history books. This is an endless cycle of disrespect.

They say that things happen for a reason, and I don't understand the reason why one of our young brothers had to die in such a demeaning way. I don't yet understand Allah's plans for us. But I believe that this is a test. I believe that this is a test, NOT ONLY for the entire world, the black community as a whole, as an entity. But also, this is a test for the very soul of America. There was something very wrong with the racial make-up of America when it was "so-called" established in 1776 that was SUPPOSED to have ended when President Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in 1863. But we see that the disease still lingers in some of THE founding fathers' offspring's descendants in 2012.

Listen up, black America: OUR BLACK ANCESTORS MADE AMERICA! They endured racism so we wouldn't have to. They had no choice. We have a choice and in the name of Mr. Trayvon Martin, we as black people, need to fight until justice is served according to the letter of the law.

And to the people on the other side of the fence who want to slander the young black man with falsehoods and outright lies, keep up the bad work and not only will you open the door for the black fist to step in the room, bringing with it all the glory of the 60s and the greatest movement known to Man. But you will also wake up the "sleeping giant" that you, the establishment or the justifiers want any part of. Black is bold, beautiful and brave and packs a mighty big punch when it is brought together. There should be justice for the Martin family, for the parents and most importantly, for the victim.

Let me end this by saying, send your praises and condolences to the entire family of Trayvon Martin. Make sure that the Florida Police Department in every city doesn't let the coward, racist bum George Zimmerman get away with murder.

Again, my condolences go out to the mother and father for their loss. But their loss is OUR loss! We just lost the next NBA player, NFL player, doctor, lawyer or the next great human being to a senseless act of violence. My prayers go up to the angel that God has just given a new set of wings to.

Trayvon Martin
Rest in peace
Gone but never forgotten...
We love you, brother.

Yours truly,

Quashon Hiskey


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